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Just wanted to let your web people know that I really like the new square foot display and the icons for beds and baths. Really helpful. 

Greg G, Submitted: 8th Jul 2014

Hi, I think Zoopla is amazing.. I always see it when am outside....  

Troy J, Submitted: 12th Jun 2014

Many thanks for the revised valuation with which I am much happier!  

Magda, Submitted: 19th May 2014

What a unique website! I love it! 

Jamie, Submitted: 26th Mar 2014

Delighted with zoopla - found perfect home for us. Thank you.  

Paula, Submitted: 24th Mar 2014

This site is a cut above the rest. 

K Owen , Submitted: 19th Mar 2014

Thank you It is a very good and easy website to look at properties Will recommended to colleagues and friends Thanks again  

Sabrina , Submitted: 18th Mar 2014

Can't fault this site, so many good features. 

Mandy M, Submitted: 18th Mar 2014

I used the information you provided when I viewed the property, considered what the vendor told me about work done on the property and have successfully negotiated the purchase of the property. This now makes my third successful investment purchase this year and I have used your valuations on all three in my negotiations. Bob Wilden  

Bob Wilden, Submitted: 18th Mar 2014

Absolutely LOVE Zoopla! A straightforward and easy site to use. So far I've not been disappointed whatsoever. 

Lizz L, Submitted: 17th Mar 2014

Very good website, I use it at home and abroad. 

Ms Grayson, Submitted: 17th Mar 2014

Excellent site  

Ginger M, Submitted: 10th Mar 2014

Will be definitely use you for my next move! Excellent site, particularly the options on map and nearby (supermarkets, parks). That was really useful when trying to decide if the house was in a good location or not for me, especially when not knowing the area. It made everything that much easier.  

Carolina, Submitted: 6th Mar 2014

What a wonderfully helpful and informative site. We found our buyer through Zoopla, so know it is the place to advertise and get results. 

Mrs Wood, Submitted: 18th Feb 2014

Thank you for an excellent service. Many others I have spoken to feel the same. Thanks again for you help and insight. 

John N, Submitted: 14th Feb 2014

I do love the Zoopla website and visit it constantly.  

Pam P, Submitted: 13th Feb 2014

Thanks for your excellent informative data. I find your information interesting and it would no doubt come in useful for my daughter's future impending move. 

John D, Submitted: 12th Feb 2014

Firstly I want to praise your site. Far superior to others and I have recommended Zoopla to my friends. 

Tony F, Submitted: 28th Jan 2014

I have found Zoopla to be a very useful source of information when buying a house and researching an area. 

J Leader, Submitted: 27th Jan 2014

Every feature you could wish for on this site and more! 

Andy M, Submitted: 27th Jan 2014

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