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Dear Zoopla Thank you for your prompt response. Very impressed with your customer service! Regards K Patel 

K Patel, Submitted: 12th Mar 2015

I have excellent feedbacks about PrimeLocation which was of great use for my search. The website is easy to use. I liked the alerts and the fact that one is kept informed of the evolution of each saved property. The properties are provided with as much information as possible, which saves time. 

Helena G, Submitted: 27th Jan 2015

I just wanna say thank you and congratulate everyone involved in the development of this website. Amazing work! 

Joao M, Submitted: 17th Dec 2014

It is refreshing to see a company whom takes on board customer questions positively.  

Mr Wood, Submitted: 11th Dec 2014

Thanks so much for your service. Very impressive. 

Renee C, Submitted: 8th Dec 2014

I think you do a great job - you keep buyers informed of the current value of a home 

Chris A, Submitted: 4th Nov 2014

Zoopla is great - we bought our first flat using it. 

Laura W, Submitted: 7th Oct 2014

Hello, I just wanted to say that your site is brilliant, without it we wouldn't of sold or bought our properties. Your site is ether then any estate agent.  

Rachel, Submitted: 5th Sep 2014

Oh WOW what an amazing price I achieved for my house advertising on Zoopla, now have my perfect forever home. Thanks Zoopla! 

Amandina , Submitted: 4th Sep 2014

Keep up the good work, brilliant to see you guys getting ahead of the competition! 

David, Submitted: 22nd Aug 2014

Your website is really great in terms of look and feel and the user experience is simply awesome, Loved it!  

Susanta S, Submitted: 21st Aug 2014

We have been using your app for iPad over the last year for rental properties. It has been no end of help, so firstly thank you. 

Helen T, Submitted: 20th Aug 2014

My experience with Zoopla has been great; it's an easy to use website and has aided me in searching and ultimately securing a dream apartment! I will be using the service again indefinitely when searching for properties in the future.  

Danny W, Submitted: 20th Aug 2014

I find Zoopla very useful for all property-related matters 

Glenn O, Submitted: 19th Aug 2014

Excellent website! 

Charles P, Submitted: 19th Aug 2014

I think you provide an excellent website and I love the added features which always keep me coming back to Zoopla. 

Jane A, Submitted: 19th Aug 2014

Just wanted to let your web people know that I really like the new square foot display and the icons for beds and baths. Really helpful. 

Greg G, Submitted: 8th Jul 2014

Hi, I think Zoopla is amazing.. I always see it when I'm outside....  

Troy J, Submitted: 12th Jun 2014

Many thanks for the revised valuation with which I am much happier!  

Magda, Submitted: 19th May 2014

What a unique website! I love it! 

Jamie, Submitted: 26th Mar 2014

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