Close to amazing transport links? Top-rated schools only 0.3 miles away? Locals read the Telegraph? How to know all this and more about a property with Zoopla.

Today is no ordinary Boxing Day at Zoopla. It’s the day that our brand new TV ad, The House Whisperer, will be shown in millions of living rooms across the county.

As its name promises, our advert centres around the character of a house whisperer – one half of a young couple being taken round a property by an estate agent.

During the viewing, our house whisperer, Amy, appears to be communicating with the walls and floor, lifting key information about the property (it's close to amazing transport links, top-rated schools are only 0.3 miles away and the locals read the Telegraph!) 

But, of course, her real source of knowledge turns out to be Zoopla – the best place to start any property search.

Watch our House Whisperer TV ad here! 

The House Whisperer forms part of the biggest ad campaign in Zoopla’s history – which, as well as prime-time TV, will also feature on radio and outdoor posters and billboards. The campaign is called Know what you're doing and that’s exactly what will happen when you start your property search on Zoopla.

“Buying or renting a property can be charged with emotion, excitement and anticipation. But it's important to not get distracted from doing some really thorough research on the property," said Zoopla spokesperson, Lawrence Hall. 

"Make sure you use all the tools and information on Zoopla and check average values and rents, recent sold prices and the local area information to help you make an informed decision.”

A recent poll we ran on Twitter, found that 76% of you would have benefited from lessons on how to buy a house, while at secondary school.

The good news is, it's not too late to start learning now. A super-easy place to start is with our new infographic, 2015 in property according to Zoopla. You'll find average property values around Britain, most searched for locations and even the most popular times of day to go virtual house-hunting.

Or perhaps you already know what you're doing when it comes to property? In that case, you can prove it by taking our two-minute quiz below.

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