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House prices in East Central London

Market activity
Average price paid Sales Current average value £800,683 (Zoopla Zed-Index) Value change -£43,067 ▼ -5.10%
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Street/Postcode Avg. price paid Zed-Index
Abchurch Yard, London, EC4N
Adams Court, London, EC2N
Agdon Street, London, EC1V £2,728,000
Albemarle Way, London, EC1V £1,035,000
Aldermanbury, London, EC2V
Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A £706,000
Aldgate, London, EC3N
Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N £542,000
Amen Corner, London, EC4M
Amen Court, London, EC4M
Amwell Street, London, EC1R £745,000 £758,000
Anchor Yard, London, EC1V
Angel Court, London, EC2R
Angel Gate, London, EC1V £283,000
Angel Passage, London, EC4R
Angel Square, London, EC1V £1,608,000
Anning Street, London, EC2A
Apothocary Street, London, EC4V
Appold Street, London, EC2A
Arlington Way, London, EC1R £825,000 £695,000
Ashby Street, London, EC1V £570,000
Austin Friars, London, EC2N
Ave Maria Lane, London, EC4M
Aylesbury Street, London, EC1R £685,000 £790,000
Back Hill, London, EC1R
Baker's Yard, London, EC1R £1,515,000
Baldwin Street, London, EC1V £279,000
Baldwins Gardens, London, EC1N £455,375 £407,000
Baltic Street East, London, EC1Y £706,000
Banner Street, London, EC1Y £635,416 £670,000
Barbican, London, EC2Y £1,085,858 £915,000
Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A £690,000 £653,000
Bartholomew Lane, London, EC2N
Bartholomew Place, London, EC1A £2,506,000
Bartholomew Square, London, EC1V £782,000
Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V
Basinghall Street, London, EC2V
Bassishaw Highwalk, London, EC2V
Bastwick Street, London, EC1V £715,000 £690,000
Bateman's Row, London, EC2A £915,000 £1,044,000
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