How to refine a Zoopla Estimate

Its simple. Just give us any detail about a UK home - like the number of bedrooms or bathrooms it has, or its characteristics such as a garden or patio.

The Zoopla algorithm has been engineered to work well even when there's a shortage of facts and figures, to learn and adapt quickly when new information becomes available, and to use that new information to offer increasingly accurate value estimates. So the more information we have, the better it works - the algorithm thrives on rich data.

Read our brief explanation as to how Zoopla Estimates work first.

How to add your property data on

While we already have great information about many millions of properties, we also lack data on millions more. For example, the Registers of Scotland doesn't record the property type with the transaction records. So Zoopla may know that the property two doors down from your terraced home just sold, but we don't know that it's a carbon copy of your place, because we don't know that it's terraced and has the same number of beds and baths. Until users edit the data to tell us that all the other houses on the street are terraced, Zoopla can't use the information it does know to the fullest extent possible to value this and all the other properties more accurately.

Filling in all the details on your street won't affect estimates immediately. But as that information percolates through the system, you can expect to see changes in a few days. Try it out, and see what happens.

So please tell us if all the houses on your street are semi-detached. Tell us your parent's place has 4 beds; tell us the flat upstairs has 2 baths. Every piece of information provided by our users enhances the accuracy and quality of information for the entire Zoopla community.

Three ways to add property data

1) Use our quick Edit feature in either the Home values or Sold prices channels

Edit home details

2) Refine an existing estimate for a property

Refine estimate

3) Use the Get Estimate feature for properties with no current published estimate

Get estimate

And last but not least,

4) Spread the word. If you know people that would benefit from this service, get them to find out what their place is worth and contribute to the model.

Spread the word