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Landlords 'are now more proactive'

Landlords are being more proactive in their approaches to the world of property investment than in the past, one sector specialist has observed. According to Darren Owen, director at Property & Finance Solutions (PFS), there is "great demand" at the moment from landlords looking at property for sale with a view to expanding their portfolios. The expert noted ...

30th Jun 2011

Converting empty property 'can avoid a housing crisis'

One of the best ways to avoid a housing "crisis" in the UK would be to convert many of the country's empty properties into new homes , one specialist has suggested. David Ireland, chief executive at Empty Homes, said there is a "real problem" forming in the UK, if the population is cross-referenced against the number of new homes being built. He ...

29th Jun 2011

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Lack of student accommodation 'should be taken advantage of'

Potential property investors need to take advantage of the current lack of quality student accommodation in the marketplace, one expert on the subject has suggested. According to Suzanne Todd, senior property consultant at Knight Knox International, the popularity of student accommodation is rising as potential investors realise that there is a gap in the market they could ...

29th Jun 2011

Insulation 'a good idea' for UK property owners

People looking to boost the energy efficiency of their properties and help to reduce outgoings may find that installing insulation is one solution to both problems, it has been claimed. According to Bev Coombe, membership and communications manager for the National Insulation Association, insulation can not only help to keep heat inside, but will also lessen the impact on ...

28th Jun 2011

Property building industry 'has encouraging signs'

There are currently many encouraging signs in the property building industry which point towards a greater supply of homes coming onto the market, one organisation has revealed. A report by the National House-Building Council (NHBC) showed that house-builders registered 29 per cent more new homes in May compared with April. The figure of 10,841 new homes remained consistent ...

28th Jun 2011

Interest rate rise 'could affect repossessions'

A possible rise in interest rates could affect the number of property repossessions occurring in the UK, according to one analyst. Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol, said it is clear that the rate of repossessions occurring in the UK is dependent on changes to the interest rate, with the Bank of England effectively holding the cards. A sharp rise would ...

27th Jun 2011

Investing in buy to let property 'a good idea' at the moment

People looking for a possible property investment opportunity at the moment may find that purchasing buy to let property can offer significant gains in the medium to long term, according to one expert. Hazel Reed, co-founder of the Hampshire & Home Counties Property Networking Club, said that being a buy to let property owner is perhaps not as easy as it was four years ...

27th Jun 2011

Mortgage lending 'looks bleak in the short to mid term'

The future of mortgage lending in the UK looks "bleak" in the short to medium term, according to one industry expert. Dominik Lipnicki, director at Your Mortgage Decisions, said the remortgage market has struggled to gather any "real momentum" over the last year and this looks set to continue in the months ahead. He explained: "It remains very ...

24th Jun 2011

House prices 'should be left up to the economy'

Any changes to UK house prices should be left up to the economy and not forced by the government, one expert has predicted. According to Catherine Hearnden, director at MyMortgageDirect, although the government has spoken previously about aiming for house price stability, it may not be possible to prevent further property market booms. Her comments follow the publication of ...

23rd Jun 2011

Govt FirstBuy scheme 'of no benefit' to FTBs

The government's new FirstBuy scheme is unlikely to benefit first-time buyers (FTBs) in any way, shape or form in the weeks and months to come, one expert on the subject has commented. Paul Holmes, chief executive officer at the financial and property advice website Firstrung, said that the scheme is definitely not the right option for FTBs. The government announced the ...

22nd Jun 2011

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