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Construction recovery 'has major restraints'

There are major restraints holding back the recovery of the UK construction sector, and these need to be removed if more UK property is to be built in the near future, it has been claimed. According to Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation, government announcements such as freeing up land for housing developments are helping to increase ...

20th Jul 2011

Self-build initiative 'is groundbreaking'

The latest initiative outline by housing minister Grant Shapps to increase the number of self-build properties being erected in the UK is "groundbreaking", according to one property industry expert. Raymond Connor, chief executive of BuildStore Financial Services, said that he agrees with Mr Shapps' opinion that the obstacles which have led to the UK having ...

19th Jul 2011

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UK salaries 'not supporting rental prices'

The average UK salary is struggling to support the rise in rental prices seen across the country, it has been suggested. According to Peter Mindenhall, researcher at IPINGlobal.com, it is making things difficult for buy to let property owners because many of their tenants are having trouble making monthly rental commitments, due to salary freezes or unemployment. He ...

19th Jul 2011

Lack of rental property 'expected in the short term'

One expert has predicted that there will be a lack of available rental property in the short term. According to Chris Horne, editor at Property Hawk, the simple reason for the undersupply at the moment is the fact that many more people are choosing to rent a home rather than move onto the property ladder. There are a number of factors affecting this preference – the ...

18th Jul 2011

Landlords 'can do many things' to improve prospects

There are many things landlords can do to help improve their chances of success with buy to let properties , one expert has claimed. James Davis, chief executive of Upad, said that research is the key to successful letting, with landlords who take the time to look at market conditions being far more likely to do well. He noted that, as many landlords target the student ...

15th Jul 2011

Cost of property 'affecting living standards'

The cost of buying a UK property has a direct effect on the living standards on the country's population, it has been claimed. According to Martin Bamford, chartered financial planner and managing director of Informed Choice, the cost of housing has a "big impact" on living standards in different parts of the country. He explained that, where housing is ...

14th Jul 2011

Estate agents 'may not be necessary' when buying property

People browsing property for sale at the moment may not necessarily need to use an estate agent when purchasing a home, one expert on the subject has commented. According to Vanish Patel, an experienced property investor from London, property investors need to realise that it is not essential to utilise the services of an estate agent, even though they can often offer ...

13th Jul 2011

Lenders 'offering better remortgage rates'

UK lenders are currently offering better remortgage rates, which is likely to have a positive impact on the country's property industry, a sector specialist has asserted. According to Andy Pratt, chief operating officer at Alexander Hall, activity in the remortgaging market is definitely improving as a result of lenders offering more competitive rates. His comments ...

13th Jul 2011

Property owners 'can do up their homes cheaply'

UK property owners do not have to break the bank to make significant improvements to their home, one interior design expert has claimed. According to George Bond, who has formerly appeared on TV shows such as Carol Vorderman's Better Homes, property owners do not have to "spend a million dollars" on sprucing up their home. People could go to one of the major ...

12th Jul 2011

Property investment opportunities 'are in every region'

Every region of the UK has property investment opportunities which can provide people with a number of ways to profit in the long term, one expert on the subject has explained. Peter Mindenhall, researcher at IPINGlobal.com, said that central London would be an "easy" investment opportunity in many respects, because generally capital cities tend to outperform the ...

12th Jul 2011

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