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Self-build 'is making a comeback'

The popularity of self-build property is slowly returning to the housing market after it dipped significantly following the economic downturn, it has been claimed. Raymond Connor, chief executive of BuildStore Financial Services, pointed out that in the last year alone, self-build has made a "notable comeback" from the recession, and is continuing to see steady ...

26th Sep 2011

'Serious sellers' returning to the housing market

The UK housing market has benefitted from the return of "serious sellers", according to a new report by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). It claims that the country's property industry fared better than expected this summer, with estate agents reporting an increase in sales during the traditionally quiet month of August. According to the ...

23rd Sep 2011

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Lettings market 'will be boosted by overseas students'

University students from overseas who are on the hunt for accommodation will boost the lettings market in the coming years, it has been claimed. That is the opinion of student accommodation expert Stuart Cook, who said that there are a number of factors that an investor should take into consideration when looking at an investment in student accommodation. He noted that, ...

23rd Sep 2011

Shortage of forced sellers 'has helped the housing market'

A shortage of 'forced sellers' in the housing market has helped it in many respects, according to one analyst. That is the opinion of David Smith, economics editor at the Sunday Times, who said that, despite house price falls during the recession, the market has performed better than most people had expected due to the lack of repossessions. It comes after the ...

23rd Sep 2011

UK 'has a shortage of rental property'

There is currently a shortage of property to rent in the UK, according to one specialist who has noted that demand for rental property in the UK is set to continue outstripping supply. James Davis, a rental property expert, said there are far more tenants enquiring about each property than 12 months ago, with tenants now jockeying to make themselves look more favourable ...

22nd Sep 2011

People struggling with mortgages 'should consult lenders'

In the present economic climate, many UK property owners may be struggling to keep up with their mortgage repayments, and for these people it could be advisable top speak to their lender, one expert has suggested. According to Catherine Hearnden, director at MyMortgageDirect, there are many options open to people in this situation, from slightly altering the terms of the ...

22nd Sep 2011

Buy to let property 'a wise investment'

People thinking of investing in property in the coming months will find that it is a safe place to put their money, one expert has suggested. David Lawrenson, a property letting expert, pointed out that rents are going up have been doing so for about seven months now across the country. He explained that, in London, they have probably been going up for about two years, ...

22nd Sep 2011

UK house prices fall for 15th consecutive month

House prices in the UK have fallen for the 15th consecutive month, according to the latest industry report issued by Knight Frank and Markit. The September House Price Sentiment Index (HPSI) shows that house prices are perceived to have fallen for the 15th consecutive month in September, though at the slowest pace since July 2010. In addition, expectations for house price ...

21st Sep 2011

Downsizing property 'can be difficult'

Downsizing UK property in order to raise equity can be far more difficult than some people imagine, according to one expert on the subject. David Wright, managing director at independent financial adviser Sixty Plus, said downsizing is one of the most obvious alternatives to equity release He explained that his organisation always raises it as a subject with clients to make ...

21st Sep 2011

Expert offers deposit advice

Perhaps the most common issue that arises between extents and landlords is the return of the rental deposit when the tenancy comes to an end. In many cases, the correct procedure for safeguarding the deposit has not been followed, so one expert has issued advice to ensure that tenants know how and where their money should be kept. John Gallagher, principal solicitor at ...

21st Sep 2011

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