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Mortgage approvals rise in September

Building societies and other mutuals are continuing to support homebuyers and savers against the backdrop of continued economic uncertainty, according to the Building Societies Association (BSA), following new figures published by the organisation. The data shows that both the value of mortgage approvals and gross lending in September 2011 were at their highest level for ...

31st Oct 2011

Property improvements 'can winterproof a home'

There are a number of improvements that UK property owners can make to their home in order to 'winterproof' it ahead of the colder months, one expert has noted. According to Tony Pickup, founder of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS), the most cost-effective and efficient measures to keep people warm are adequate loft insulation and cavity ...

31st Oct 2011

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New build property demand 'is strong'

There is currently healthy demand for new homes in the UK, and this is likely to continue in the months ahead, according to one specialist. New homes expert Vernon Pethard said that demand for new-build property is "strong", noting that interested in this segment of the property market has doubled in the last 12 months and is continuing to grow, with no sign of a ...

28th Oct 2011

Housing market confidence 'will be hit'

The UK housing market is likely to suffer from a lack of public confidence in the next year, it has been claimed. According to property expert Jane Marr, the "feel good factor" of people's perception of job security, inflation and the cost of living will play a "significant role" in how the property market performs in the near future. Her comments ...

28th Oct 2011

Interest-only mortgages 'could lead to a debt time bomb'

The current popularity of interest-only mortgages will lead to a "ticking time bomb" of debt for homeowners, according to one specialist. UK property expert Paul Holmes said it is taking people longer to pay off their mortgages for the simple reason that, if the average outstanding mortgage is around £130,000, the cost will be too much for people to bear if ...

28th Oct 2011

UK house prices set to fall in 2012

House prices across the UK are set to fall by five per cent next year, and will show little growth until 2014, the latest UK property report has noted. The new Knight Frank report shows that, in real terms, when adjusted for CPI inflation, house prices will have fallen by 29 per cent from the peak of the market by 2015 and are unlikely to regain the levels seen in 2007 ...

28th Oct 2011

Housing policies should create 'real choice' for the elderly

There are few options open to elderly people who are looking to downsize their property at the moment, according to the Chartered Institute of Housing. Domini Gunn, director of public health and vulnerable communities at the organisation, said there are few "genuine alternatives" for many older people who wish to downsize. She argued that the country's housing ...

27th Oct 2011

UK 'in need of more affordable rural housing'

There needs to be a move to boost the amount of affordable housing in the UK, according to one organisation. A spokesman for the Campaign to Protect Rural England said that there is currently a need to get some generally affordable housing in rural economies and there are several ways that this can be achieved. "One of them is for councils using tools such as being ...

27th Oct 2011

Property owners 'should take advantage of energy schemes'

UK property owners should be on the look-out for energy-saving home improvements that could save them money in the long run, one organisation has recommended. Jessica Forster, energy doctor for the Energy Saving Trust, said that solar panelling prices have fallen in recent months, meaning now may be a good time for homeowners to take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff scheme. ...

27th Oct 2011

London property prices set to rise

House prices for property in London are set to rise in the coming year, before levelling off, according to the latest industry report. Research carried out by Knight Frank suggests that prime central London prices will climb five per cent next year, before pausing in 2013 and rising by a further four per cent in 2014. According to the organisation, geo-political issues ...

26th Oct 2011

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