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Student property is a great way to invest

Students will soon start to descend on rental properties across the country as the new terms in British universities begin throughout September. And one expert said that landlords looking to improve their portfolios of property to rent should make sure that they take the chance to do so now because of high demand for these types of property. Peter Mindenhall, researcher at ...

31st Aug 2012

UK house prices see a positive turn

The UK property market could soon see a small level of improvement, after a new report from one of the country's leading lenders said that house prices have improved in recent weeks. According to Nationwide, the price of an average property across the country as a whole has risen by a small amount of 1.3 per cent through August, as the traditional slow down seen in the ...

31st Aug 2012

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London remains a property price 'safe haven'

The market for properties for sale across the UK has been seeing falling or stagnant prices ever since the start of the financial crisis in 2007. However, in spite of this, there is one area of the country which has continued to perform well. According to Ed Mead, director at Douglas & Gordon, London still remains a "safe haven" for those who are looking to ...

30th Aug 2012

Residential landlords confident over rent prices

Landlords in the UK are now increasingly confident about the state of the market for properties to rent, as they are seeing their monthly income remaining high and yields following suit. According to the latest report from LSL Property Services, 48 per cent of landlords see this as a good time to get into the market for rental homes. Of those who said this was the case, ...

30th Aug 2012

Lenders offering 90% mortgages are becoming more competitive

It has long been the case that people looking to get a foot on the UK property ladder were looking at a 70 or 80 per cent mortgage at best, with the rest having to be made up by a deposit. However, according to one property expert, those lenders which are offering 90 per cent mortgages are now becoming more competitive in the market, making it far easier for people who ...

29th Aug 2012

Students should make their accommodation a priority

Students who are set to head off to university this year should be certain that they are making the acquisition of accommodation, most likely properties to rent, a priority at this time of year. Next month will see the new batch of students for this year head off to university, with £9,000 tuition fees being a worry for many, so it is vital to make sure they do ...

29th Aug 2012

Second-time buyers facing difficult market as prices remain low

Homeowners in the UK property market looking to move to their second house are finding it more difficult than they have at any time in the last 20 years. According to a new report from Lloyds TSB, those who are selling their own first houses are facing equity of just five per cent of the price of a new home. This is a sizeable drop compared to the 44 per cent that was ...

28th Aug 2012

Home affordability 'at its best level for 15 years'

The affordability of homes in UK property are now at their best levels for the last 15 years, a new report has discovered. The Halifax Affordability Review looks at how easy it is for a potential new buyer to get into the market by weighing up the cost of properties for sale against the average income of those looking to purchase. And it discovered that many are now ...

28th Aug 2012

Olympic Games 'have boosted interest in London property'

The Olympic Games has had a significant impact on the number of people enquiring about property in London, particularly as far as prospective overseas buyers are concerned, it has been suggested. London property expert Nick Marr said that, for overseas buyers, London has always been attractive, but the Games have spread the effect from central London to the outer reaches ...

24th Aug 2012

'Check your insurance' before starting DIY projects

Warm weather inevitably brings with it plenty of people hoping to embark on DIY projects and make major changes to their home interior, but these schemes do not always turn out as they hope. That is the opinion of Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It magazine, who said that there are inevitably plenty of instances of people getting into trouble when beginning home ...

23rd Aug 2012

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