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BTL landlords should keep a good credit rating

Buy-to-let landlords in the UK who are looking to expand their portfolio of properties should make sure that they have a good credit rating constantly to ensure that they can secure a mortgage as and when they need to. Lee Grandin, director at Landlord Mortgages, said that at the moment, there is a lack of good deals around for those who are looking to get themselves new ...

28th Sep 2012

House hunters will turn away from homes with poor broadband

The need for the government to press ahead with plans for superfast broadband could be more urgent than ever, after it was revealed by a new report that many people looking at properties will walk away from a house where coverage in internet terms is poor. According to broadbandchoices.co.uk, it is the case that one in every ten people who have been looking at the purchase ...

28th Sep 2012

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Many homeowners using their house to fund retirement

A greater number of older Brits are now using their properties for sale as a way to release funding for themselves to ensure that they have a good way of life in the future, a new study from insurer LV has discovered. According to the firm, there are many who are worried about the amount of money they will have in their later years, who now choose to sell their house as a ...

27th Sep 2012

Tenancies should be run properly for a happy period of renting

UK landlords should make sure that they are maintaining the tenancy in their property correctly in order to be certain that they are keeping the people who are living in their house to rent happy over the period they stay, an expert has advised. While some tenants will want to just seek out somewhere with low rent and a passive landlord, most want to see their property ...

27th Sep 2012

Landlords with good tenants should offer lower rents

It was reported earlier this week (September 24th) by LSL Property Services that landlords are seeing a purple patch at the moment, with prices in their property to rent being pushed ever higher by demand and arrears coming down. However, one property expert has advised that it could be a good move to not force rental prices high to follow the market, as having reliable ...

26th Sep 2012

Protect the home against the risk of flooding

UK homeowners should make sure that they are protecting their properties for sale over the course of coming weeks, after it was revealed that a large area of the country is expected to be battered further by a deluge of rain. Areas of North Yorkshire, Scotland and Newcastle were affected by floods earlier in the week (September 25th) and Lloyds TSB said that it is vital to ...

26th Sep 2012

When letting to students, be competitive

Landlords who are letting out their rental homes to students should make sure that they are being as competitive as they possibly can with their rental demands in order to ensure that they get good returns. This is the opinion of Charlie Cunningham, chief executive officer of FreshStart Living, who said that landlords really have just one chance a year to rent out these ...

26th Sep 2012

August proves to be a strong month for landlords

Rising prices and a fall in the number of people in arrears with their rents has led to a higher number of landlords reporting a good month through August, a new report from LSL Property Services has said. According to the study from the organisation, rents rose for a fifth consecutive month throughout August, meaning that there had been a new record high in terms of ...

25th Sep 2012

London property prices rise 10% year-on-year

The price of prime homes in London have risen by their fastest rate in three months as a greater number of investors come into the market for these properties for sale. According to the latest figures released by Knight Frank, luxury properties in the centre of the capital now cost ten per cent more than they did at the same time last year. The Prime Central London Index ...

25th Sep 2012

Student property market still performing strongly

There had been a fear that a year in which university admissions were forecast to drop, that landlords with rental homes aimed at students would be facing particularly difficult times. However, a new report published by Knight Knox, an estate agent based in Manchester, has shown that this is not the case. It had been thought that the number of people applying to ...

24th Sep 2012

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