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Week of mischief and fun could leave UK property owners with big bills

People across the UK living in properties for sale could find themselves with high repair bills as a result of mischievous behaviour that comes with events at this time of year, a new study has shown. According to a new survey revealed by Santander, the after effects of Halloween and Bonfire Night on the homes of Brits could leave somewhere in the region of a collective ...

31st Oct 2012

Effective home maintenance can aid value

In times when it is difficult to sell a house, such as when the economy is performing as poorly as it has been in the UK, many people opt to alter their properties for sale and carry out DIY jobs to improve them. And now a new survey has said that this could have added incentives, with more than half of all respondents to a survey carried out by the Society for the ...

31st Oct 2012

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Homeowners urged to be sure over their pre-fireworks home cover

The humble fireworks display on Guy Fawke's Night (November 5th) used to be a public event that people from a town would travel to to enjoy as a larger group. However, in recent years, it has become the case that a greater number of those in UK property are holding their own smaller events in their back gardens for friends and family. However, those who are trying out ...

30th Oct 2012

Mortgage lending grows again in September

Despite recent fears over the future of the UK property market with regards to lending, the amount of money from building societies and other lenders for mortgages rose throughout September. The Financial Services Authority has recently said that those giving out mortgages need to be far more stringent when it comes to who they loan to and the assurances they receive over ...

30th Oct 2012

Housing adding to student costs to make UK fourth-most expensive

English students studying towards a degree in the UK are finding their studies at home as the fourth most expensive in the world, with the cost of renting a house with friends, or a flat, becoming one of the highest expenditures around. It was reported recently by LSL Property Services that the cost of the average UK property in the private rental sector has now edged up ...

29th Oct 2012

Second home sales dropping across the UK

The number of second homes being sold across the UK property market is dropping in two-thirds of areas, a new study has found. It has been reported in recent months that people struggle across the UK to move to a second property because of the fact that that high deposits for first timers is reducing the number of people coming into the market at the bottom end, meaning ...

29th Oct 2012

People now using equity release to help their families

Homeowners across the UK property market are now increasingly moving to a smaller home to use equity that they get from the sale to help them financially, according to a recent report. However, an expert has now stated that there is a growing trend for people in properties for sale in the UK to turn to equity release, where they can get money in the shape of a loan against ...

26th Oct 2012

Burglars coming to the fore on dark evenings

Winter and the cover of darkness that it provides can allow rich pickings for those unscrupulous characters willing to put other people out of pocket by breaking and entering and stealing personal belongings from UK property. According to Halifax, the cost of burglaries last year in terms of home insurance claims amounted to some £14.5 million, with a swell to 9,000 ...

26th Oct 2012

FTBs coming to the UK property market at an older age

The average age at which buyers are now coming into the market for purchasing properties for sale is getting higher as a result of the increasing difficulty of getting a mortgage. At the moment, it is believed that the average cost of a deposit on a mortgage for a first home is sitting at £26,000, with some first-time buyers in London facing astronomically high down ...

25th Oct 2012

New mortgage rules are 'common sense' says BSA

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) announced new rules earlier this week for the lending of mortgages to buyers of properties for sale which will come into effect from 2014, making sure that brokers are more careful. It is hoped that this will see the UK property market more effective in combating financial issues that are believed to be, in part, born of the fact that ...

25th Oct 2012

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