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UK property market seeing a higher demand from British tenants

The unaffordable nature of mortgage lending for the past few years has led to many people moving into the market for rental homes rather than buying properties for sale. And despite the government introducing its flagship Funding for Lending scheme, aimed at allowing banks to approve more mortgages, the number of people looking to rent is still increasing, a new report has ...

30th Nov 2012

Building on open land would solve UK property shortage, says minister

Making use of open land on which to build properties for sale would go a long way to reducing the housing shortage across the country, a government official has claimed. According to planning minister Nick Boles, speaking to BBC Newsnight, building on another two to three per cent of the open land in England would "solve the housing problem." This would bring the ...

29th Nov 2012

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NewBuy scheme costing people too much for properties for sale

The NewBuy scheme in the UK has led to a far-greater number of buyers able to come onto the UK property ladder over the last few months, but an expert has claimed that although it helps affordability, they are paying too much for their purchase. The government introduced the NewBuy scheme in March of this year, allowing people in the UK to purchase a house with a deposit of ...

28th Nov 2012

First-time UK property buyers in Scotland on the increase

The number of people in the UK who are purchasing their first home has been on the increase throughout 2012 as many lenders have relaxed their conditions for mortgage approval. Now, a newly released report from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has shown that Scotland in particular is showing strong figures for newcomers to the properties for sale ladder. According to ...

27th Nov 2012

First time buyers in London at highest level in 3 years

The number of first time UK property buyers in London has risen to its highest level in nearly three years, according to the latest figures. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) reported that during the third quarter of 2012 a total of 10,000 people took out a mortgage in the capital in order to get on to the ladder. At the moment, the level of home ownership in the UK ...

26th Nov 2012

London landlords welcome far-higher yields

Landlords in London have seen their monthly prices for rental homes increase by almost five times as much as those who operate elsewhere in the UK, an expert has claimed. At the moment, demand for rental housing in the UK property market remains high because people across the country cannot afford a deposit to pay for the purchase of their first home. However, Tim Morgan, ...

23rd Nov 2012

Fewer tariffs might not mean cheaper energy bills for UK property owners

People living in properties for sale were given hope this week when the government announced that it would be making the energy sector easier to follow, with the number of tariffs providers' are allowed to carry slashed. However, Citizens Advice has now claimed that this may not make it more cost-effective to heat homes and keep them free from damage and insurance ...

22nd Nov 2012

Communities come together to create a digital neighbourhood watch

The traditional neighbourhood watch was always a way for owners of properties for sale to make sure that they were looking after their own homes as well as those of everyone around them. However, this could be a thing of the past, as more are now turning towards digital channels. According to a study carried out by Legal and General, some 60 per cent are either already ...

21st Nov 2012

Protect the home inside and out from winter problems

Many owners of properties for sale around the UK will have found themselves looking to protect their house from the effects of winter weather, which can cause severe problems and lead to expensive, time consuming and stressful insurance claims. However, if you are making these moves early this year, before the snow and ice really sets in, have you looked at the outside of ...

20th Nov 2012

Second-time UK property buyers needing to borrow to more

They may have been of the opinion in the past that they would be able to sell up and simply move to a new house when the time comes to select bigger properties for sale for their families, but new data has shown that second-time buyers are being stung in the current market. According to First Direct, those who purchased a house in 2007 and now want to move are facing hard ...

19th Nov 2012

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