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First-time buyer numbers at their highest since the crash

The number of new buyers coming onto the UK property market are now at their highest levels since the sector saw a crash in 2007 that resulted in falls in house prices and a severe increase in the difficulty levels in achieving a mortgage. According to a newly released report from Halifax, there were somewhere in the region of 216,000 first-time buyers who managed to get ...

31st Dec 2012

Keep your house warm this winter

Winter has not quite bitten yet, but with the 'big six' energy providers having all announced price rises, paying attention to your home's heating is very important. One of the advantages of new homes over older properties is that they are built to higher standards, which should ensure that insulation is good. However, abodes which were built years ago might ...

24th Dec 2012

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Boxing day set to become the new favourite for buyers

UK property buyers across the country are set to take to their computers in the immediate aftermath of Christmas in order to seek out a new place to live, a new survey carried out by Barratt Homes has discovered. The developer found that once people have gotten over the stresses and strains of the seasonal busy times, they will turn their eyes back to home ownership ...

24th Dec 2012

Detached houses best for retaining values

Although the UK property market has suffered severe declines over the past five years, with the crash of the market in 2007 heralding large falls in prices across the country, there have been some properties for sale which have managed to perform better than others and helped their owners feel positive about the future. In the past few months, it was reported that homes ...

21st Dec 2012

2012 has been a key year in the market's recovery

The past 12 months have been some of the most important in the recovery of the UK property market, in spite of the fact that it has still not returned to anywhere near the levels of positivity that were seen ahead of the crash in the sector that came hand-in-hand with the recession in 2007. According to new data from Home.co.uk, there have been reasons to be cheerful, ...

20th Dec 2012

Get ready to battle energy bills this winter

It was reported earlier this year that nearly 90 per cent of people across the UK will be looking to lower the amount of energy they use in their properties for sale as a way to help keep their bills from sky rocketing amid price hikes from all of the biggest companies in the country. However, the situation may be worse than first expected, as a new report from the charity ...

19th Dec 2012

Yorkshire homes being powered by unique new project

A number of new homes in north Yorkshire are now being powered by new efficient measures that are quite unique, after an innovative partnership discovered an inventive new way to look at how energy can be produced from recycled materials. According to the Walled Garden Partnership, 2,000 homes can now be powered simply from the gas that is omitted from a landfill site in ...

18th Dec 2012

Families at risk of theft this Christmas

There are fewer sights better at this time of year than seeing piles of Christmas presents under the trees in UK property, with adults and kids alike getting excited for the big day. While this traditional scene may warm the heart, it can actually end up being a major risk to the security in many houses. According to a survey released by Halifax, the risk of falling victim ...

17th Dec 2012

First-time buyer activity to boost the market in 2013

The number of first-time buyers coming onto the UK property ladder could help to provide a boost to the sector throughout 2013 thanks to new incentives that have helped to increase their access to housing for the first time since the crash of 2007. According to the latest data released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), people who were getting onto the ladder for the ...

14th Dec 2012

38% of landlords expect to see rent rates rise in 2013

The cost of monthly rent for those living in UK property could be set to rise over the coming year as landlords continue to see demand soar and capitalise on the potentially high yields that they can gain from their buy-to-let houses. According to the latest report released by LSL Property Services, 38 per cent of landlords operating in the private rental sector are ...

13th Dec 2012

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