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Homebuilding plans 'need to get started quickly'

Government plans to kick start the property industry with funding for 270 new house building projects have been welcomed by one expert. A spokesman for the Home Builders Federation (HBF), a trade association which represents homebuilders across England and Wales, said shortlisting these stalled developments would be good news for the sector. Steve Turner, head of ...

28th Jul 2009

A green home 'does not have to be a newbuild'

Homeowners looking for a property with more eco-friendly credentials do not have to shop for a new building designed with sustainability in mind, it has been advised. Environmental expert Tony Juniper told the Sunday Times that having spent the last 25 years trying to convince others that they can live in a way that is kinder to the planet, he has picked up one or two tips ...

27th Jul 2009

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Advice offered for high-end property seekers

New advice has been offered for those currently in the market for high-end countryside properties. A spokesman for Robert Oulsnam & Company, a group founded in 1971 that specialises in this particular field across regions such as Birmingham and north Worcestershire, said demand was currently weak for top-level homes. Partner at the group Andrew Oulsnam explained this ...

27th Jul 2009

Struggling homeowners 'do have options'

Some homeowners looking to free up equity in their property are enjoying the benefits of sale and rent-back, it has been advised. A spokesman for the Homeowners Advice Centre, an organisation which offers practical advice on matters of debt, said for many, such a scheme can provide a higher quality of life. Chris Jenkins, co-owner of the group, explained there are a number ...

27th Jul 2009

'It has always been tough' for first-time buyers

First-time buyers have always faced a tough time when it comes to getting on the housing ladder, one property expert has asserted. According to independent specialist Malcolm Harrison it is not unusual for new homeseekers to experience difficulties entering the market - regardless of the climate. He explained if house price falls did not fall as substantially as some have ...

27th Jul 2009

Housing market 'still fragile'

The housing market is still "relatively fragile" despite an increase in mortgage approvals last month, it has been suggested. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), mortgage activity is likely to rise over the coming months. However, the industry needs to remember that the overall level of approval remains historically low and reflective ...

24th Jul 2009

BBA: Mortgage lending increasing

The latest statistics from the British Bankers' Association (BBA) have shown modest increases in mortgage lending last month. Increases apply to both net and gross mortgage lending, it revealed, which is as a result of a rise in the number of approved home loans. Commenting on the figures, statistics director at the BBA David Dooks said: "Numbers of new home loans ...

23rd Jul 2009

Housing market 'starting to improve'

Reports from the last few months suggest the worst may be over for the UK property market, it has emerged. Malcolm Harrison, an independent property specialist, said some areas are faring better than others, although generally things are looking up. "What everybody is now suggesting is that we are now bottoming out, that it's not likely to get worse, but it doesn't ...

23rd Jul 2009

Homeowners 'do not want to consider the worst'

Homeowners are reluctant to consider that the worst may happen and their finances could be in jeopardy, it has been suggested. Scottish Provident recently commissioned a survey by Ipsos Mori and it was found that while 65 per cent of people would have to take action if one of their family was affected by illness causing them to be out of work for over six months, 74 per ...

23rd Jul 2009

Landlords' mortgages 'should be insured'

Insurance for a landlord's mortgage is a basic requirement and should not be neglected, an expert has said. Alan Ward is chairman of the Residential Landlords Association and discussed how this group of customers have fared in the recent financial climate. While value drops have hit some quite harshly, a way to cut costs might be to look for reliable and steady tenants, he ...

22nd Jul 2009

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