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MMR transition 'will be smooth' for lenders and borrowers

The transition to the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) will be smooth, according to a Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).  Significant changes are being made to the sector on April 26th as lenders seek to make sure people can afford to repay the mortgages they are given.  Lenders, brokers and consumers will start to notice major differences in the application procedure ...

26th Mar 2014

Buy-to-let: Top tips

The buy-to-let market could be set to see greater activity in the coming months and years after the pension overhaul announced in the Budget. Chancellor George Osborne stated on Wednesday (March 19th) that people approaching retirement age would no longer be forced to buy an annuity, but rather could release their money in one lump sum instead.  According to mortgage ...

21st Mar 2014

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MMR will 'dampen' mortgage market

Processing times for mortgages will increase significantly as a result of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR), it has been stated. The more forensic approach to checking affordability will result in higher costs and Mark Harris, chief executive of mortgage broker SPF Private Clients, thinks these will end up being passed onto the customer.  He also fears product ...

5th Mar 2014

Damp tops list of homebuyers turn-offs

Almost three-quarters of house hunters would be put off a property if it has damp patches on the walls and ceilings.  For 63 per cent, signs of disrepair, such as rotten windows, are also a big no-no, according to research by  Homebuyers were asked about their major turn-offs and no garden (57 per cent), lingering bad smells (56 per cent) and no ...

21st Feb 2014

How likely is an interest rate rise - and how will it affect homeowners?

Homeowners around the country are awaiting news of an interest rate rise, with speculation growing that this will happen sooner, rather than later. But exactly when should we expect it - and what impact will it have on UK property owners? Firstly, the good news. A rise in interest rates is positive when put in context, it means that the economy is growing and that the Bank ...

17th Feb 2014

Sealed Bids: Top five tips

High demand and limited supply is putting power into the hands of sellers, who are enjoying the recent resurgence in the property market and its effect on house prices. As a result many are turning to sealed bids, which allow them to ramp up prices and put the pressure on buyers to offer as much as possible rather than making low offers to test the water. Without a doubt, ...

30th Dec 2013

Interior design: A guide for new homeowners

A greater number of people are finding it possible to get onto the property ladder at the moment, and for most this will mean their first chance to make a house a home with effective interior design. Getting the design of a property right can be difficult though, and it's easy for newcomers to the UK property market in particular to go overboard and end up with ...

26th Sep 2013

Rising energy bills: How are you set for winter?

According to one of the leading consumer organisations in the UK, rises in energy bills expected this winter - the Big Six are forecast to raise annual bills by as much as £120 - could be catastrophic for the finances of UK property residents. So what are you doing to get ready for the colder weather ahead? With winter on the way, Gillian Guy, chief executive of ...

25th Sep 2013

Landlords: Insurance is paramount in any investment

When it comes to investing in UK property, more and more people are now looking to buy into the private rented sector, where the promises of high yields and constant income are very real at the current time. However, with the pace of the market and the fact many are so new to it, there is always the risk of diving in without looking, and many landlords who make this mistake ...

23rd Sep 2013

Keep an eye out for 'resident ghosts'

Landlords have been popping up all over the UK in the last few months, and why not? With a sustained demand from tenants and the promise of a good return, the private rented sector is a fantastic place to invest money at the current time. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid, and those who are new to the market can sometimes end up making mistakes through lack of ...

20th Sep 2013

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