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UK property owners 'should install insulation'

Insulation and other energy efficiency measures are likely to rise in popularity in the coming months as UK property owners look to protect their homes against the elements and keep bills low, one specialist has stated. According to Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council, people should not be focusing on altering their bathrooms just yet and should ...

22nd Mar 2011

Property buyers 'can get great mortgage deals'

Property buyers can pick up great deals on new mortgages as long as they are prepared to put in the effort, one expert has observed. Stuart Law, chief executive of Assetz, said that the first stop for potential UK property owners should be to go to an independent financial advisor (IFA). He noted that, even though many of the deals are offered direct through the bank, an ...

14th Mar 2011

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Switching mortgages 'can lead to huge savings'

Homeowners who switch mortgages may find that they can make "huge" savings in the long term, one expert has pointed out. Ben Wilkie, editor at What Mortgage, said that people need to take advantage of the current historically low interest rate and use it to their benefit by changing their mortgage plan or provider. His comments followed the publication of a report ...

11th Mar 2011

Catchment areas 'have a major impact' on property purchases

The proximity of good schools to a UK property can have a major bearing on its appeal to potential buyers, one specialist has noted. Amy Schofield, editor of MyChild, said that many parents may be willing to pay way over the asking price of a property if it is in a good catchment area – in some cases paying far more for a home which is even on the same street, but ...

10th Mar 2011

Fixed-rate mortgages 'may provide stability'

Taking out a fixed-rate mortgage may be a good idea for property buyers who are looking for stability, according to one expert in the field. Martyn Dyson, mortgage specialist at Nationwide, said that those expecting the base rate to rise soon will find that a fixed-rate mortgage offers "certainty, stability and help with budgeting". His comments follow the ...

9th Mar 2011

Conservatories 'can be better than extensions'

Building a conservatory can be a better addition to a property than an extension, according to one expert. Andrew Leech, spokesman for the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), said that people looking to boost home values may find that conservatories are just as appealing to prospective buyers but cost far less to create in the first place. He explained that a ...

9th Mar 2011

Overpaying mortgages 'is a wise idea'

Overpaying mortgages is a "very sensible idea" for property owners at the moment, according to one expert. Catherine Hearnden, director at MyMortgageDirect, said that people should take advantage of low interest rates and attempt to pay as much off their mortgage as possible at the moment. It comes after a report by Moneybasics showed that 29 per cent of mortgage ...

8th Mar 2011

Sustainability 'not a factor' for property buyers

People looking at buying property for sale are not massively concerned about issues such as sustainability, according to one sector specialist. Malcolm Harrison, an independent property industry expert, said that the environment is much lower down on people's lists of consideration when they are looking at buying new UK property . His comments follow reports that the ...

7th Mar 2011

EPCs 'not a major issue' in the property market

Energy performance certificates (EPCs), which are intended to give advice about the energy consumption of a property , are not an important consideration for people hunting property for sale , according to one industry expert. Malcolm Harrison, independent property industry expert, said that people looking for a place to live, regardless of whether they are buying or ...

4th Mar 2011