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High tuition fees 'will boost rental demand'

The increase in tuition fees for university education will lead to a rise in demand for private property to rent , according to one expert who said it is becoming an "increasingly attractive alternative" to more expensive university halls. Jonathan Moore, director of, said he is expecting demand for private accommodation to increase ...

28th Jul 2011

'Little incentive' to improve rental properties

There is currently little incentive for landlords to improve their rental properties , it has been claimed. Chris Horne, editor at Property Hawk, said that measures should be introduced to incentivise investment in the private rented sector. He explained that the way rental properties are taxed should be changed so that landlords are encouraged to invest in their properties ...

27th Jul 2011

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Self-build initiative 'is groundbreaking'

The latest initiative outline by housing minister Grant Shapps to increase the number of self-build properties being erected in the UK is "groundbreaking", according to one property industry expert. Raymond Connor, chief executive of BuildStore Financial Services, said that he agrees with Mr Shapps' opinion that the obstacles which have led to the UK having ...

19th Jul 2011

Landlords 'can do many things' to improve prospects

There are many things landlords can do to help improve their chances of success with buy to let properties , one expert has claimed. James Davis, chief executive of Upad, said that research is the key to successful letting, with landlords who take the time to look at market conditions being far more likely to do well. He noted that, as many landlords target the student ...

15th Jul 2011

Property owners 'can do up their homes cheaply'

UK property owners do not have to break the bank to make significant improvements to their home, one interior design expert has claimed. According to George Bond, who has formerly appeared on TV shows such as Carol Vorderman's Better Homes, property owners do not have to "spend a million dollars" on sprucing up their home. People could go to one of the major ...

12th Jul 2011

Eco-friendly property improvements 'rising in popularity'

The country's homeowners are increasingly making eco-friendly improvements to their properties in a bid to lower their household outgoings, and this trend is set to continue in the months ahead, it has been claimed. Jason Orme, editor at Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, said that people's desire to lower their energy bills is affecting the way in which they ...

6th Jul 2011

UK property owners 'personalising their homes'

People who own UK property are increasingly imbuing their homes with their own personality when decorating, one expert has pointed out. Alison Cork, interior designer and founder of home improvement comparison website ProblemSolved, said that people are buying items for their properties which not only enhance the interior, but are also a refection of their own personality. ...

5th Jul 2011