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London 'a safe place' to invest in property

UK property investors will find that London is something of safe haven when it comes to maintaining the value of homes, it has been claimed. That is the opinion of property investment expert Hugh Best, who noted that, whenever there is any financial disruption around the world, people often fly to a place where they will be safe, and London represents this. He explained ...

30th Aug 2011

FTBs 'exploring every option'

First-time buyers (FTBs) are increasingly exploring every option available to them in a bid to gain access to the property ladder, one expert has stated. That is the opinion of Helen Adams, managing director at the advice organisation FirstRungNow, who said that people can and will do whatever they can in order to become a homeowner. Though many people are content with ...

22nd Aug 2011

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Draft proofing 'the best form of home improvement'

The best way in which people can improve their property is through draft proofing, according to one expert. Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, said that draft proofing is not only the most efficient way of improving a home, but also the most cost effective. His comments followed the publication of a report by npower, which revealed that the ...

19th Aug 2011

Cleaning costs 'the main reason' for withholding deposits

The main reason why the country's landlords withhold deposits from outgoing tenants is cleaning costs associated with sprucing up the accommodation, a new report has revealed. Research carried out by mydeposits shows that cleaning costs, followed by unpaid rent, are the major reasons why deposit money is not given back. In a poll of landlords who kept hold of a deposit, ...

17th Aug 2011

Adding a conservatory 'needs consideration'

People considering adding a conservatory to their property need to bear many things in mind before going head with the upgrade, one specialist has recommended. That is the advice issued by Giles Willson, deputy chief executive officer for the Glass and Glazing Federation, said, who noted that adding an extension to a home is a major move, so it is vital to get it right. He ...

16th Aug 2011

Checks 'essential' before employing tradesmen

It is vital that property owners carry out the necessary checks before employing tradesmen to carry out work on their property, it has been claimed. That is the opinion of Stuart Carter, head of PR and marketing at TrustMark, said there are ways for homeowners to avoid disputes with the builders, advocating the old adage that prevention is always better than the cure. He ...

16th Aug 2011

Lenders 'must be vigilant' to mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud is something that lenders need to be on the hunt for possible fraudulent applications to ensure that genuine applicants are not impacted in the long run, according to one industry body. That is the advice being issued by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) which said that unscrupulous mortgage applicants are damaging the market and their activity needs to ...

15th Aug 2011

Rental property investment 'a sure bet'

People who purchase buy to let property will find that this method of investment is far safer than other ways of boosting their wealth, it has been claimed. That is the opinion of Chris Horne, editor of landlord advice site Property Hawk, who said that, in the current economic climate, where hardly any investment is safe, property provides people with a certain degree of ...

11th Aug 2011

Conservatories 'can boost house prices'

Many people think twice about having conservatories built to provide an extension to their home, but one expert has said that the improvement can help to boost house prices in the long run. According to Giles Willson, deputy chief executive officer for the Glass and Glazing Federation, conservatories are a wise choice for people who are thinking about how their home's ...

10th Aug 2011

First-time buyers 'should utilise Isas'

The country's first-time buyers need to make use of Isas when they are saving for a property , according to one expert. With interest rates so low, the main way that first-time buyers are going to save their deposit is through putting saved money aside monthly, rather than expecting interest payments to do the work for them, according to Matt Griffith, a spokesman for ...

8th Aug 2011

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