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Landlords 'need to be more competitive'

The changing face of the British property market is something that landlords up and down the country need to deal with on a constant basis, re-evaluating their practices and ensuring that they are getting the best possible return on their investment. If you own property to rent, then keeping your eyes on the way the market is performing is the easiest way to make sure you ...

22nd Aug 2013

Know buyer turn-offs when it comes to selling

When it comes to selling a home in the UK, the majority of us will know exactly what buyers in general want, making sure that we create the perfect show home for when people come around to view our properties for sale. Whether it is making the place look bigger with minimalist furniture or making sure that there is a degree of kerb appeal with the exterior of the home, do ...

21st Aug 2013

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Is now the time to downsize your home

When you are nearing retirement, there will be any manner of things that you want to see and do but have been unable to do for the years you were working. Whether it is to take up an expensive hobby or see some of the most famous sights overseas, many will be looking for ways to finance their retirement. Of course, for others it will simply be the case that they want the ...

21st Aug 2013

Students: Learn the ins and outs of renting

A-level results have been released, and consequently thousands of students around the country will now be making decisions over where they want to go to spend their next few years at university. For the majority, this will also mean moving out of their parental home for the first time and into a rented flat or apartment. If you are considering this, it is likely to be your ...

19th Aug 2013

How to prepare for a sale this summer

There is no better time of year to carry out some DIY on the home than in summer, and for those who are looking to sell their UK property, this is never truer than now. High demand for houses from buyers enjoying better mortgage conditions has meant that asking prices are going up and up in 2013 - so anyone who is looking to get a slice of the action will want to make sure ...

14th Aug 2013

Agents and landlords: Put everything on hold for the customer

Letting agents and landlords across the UK are always looking for ways to make sure that they secure their desired tenants, and providing a good level of customer service is the best way to ensure that buy-to-let mortgage holders can beat off the competition and secure deals. But just what constitutes good customer service in your eyes? According to a new study that has ...

8th Aug 2013

How to clean the home on a budget this year

Spring may have gone and been replaced by a little bit of unexpected summer weather in the UK this year, but that doesn't mean you cannot still carry out the traditional spring clean at home to leave your properties for sale feeling refreshed and sparkling for any time you might want to invite guests over. However, if you are going to be giving the full place a going ...

7th Aug 2013

Buy-to-let properties: Where to invest in 2013

The buy-to-let market in the UK is one that the vast majority of people want to be  a part of, thanks to its constant rising positivity and the high levels of income that investors can get as demand is sustained. However, while the decision to put money into the private rented sector is a very easy one for many people to make, one that can be slightly harder to ...

6th Aug 2013

The time is right to weather proof homes

The weather around the UK in the last few weeks might have been better than we have seen in years, but for those who own UK property, it is important not to forget that the colder months will not be far away, making this the perfect time to prepare. According to new reports from the Money Advice Service, the number of people who have struggled to keep up with bills has ...

6th Aug 2013

Dream UK properties: What do Brits want at home?

For the vast majority of us in the UK property market, the chance to get our hands on our dream property is just that - a fantasy that we are unlikely to ever see come true unless we get lucky on the big Euromillions draw. That doesn't stop Brits from dreaming though, and a new study has outlined the true luxuries that most of us would want to see in the home more than ...

5th Aug 2013

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