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Invest in BTL for the future

A new study in the UK has found that more and more people are fearful of being able to earn enough in their retirement to fund their way of life. According to Scottish Widows' latest release, there are fewer than 45 per cent of people across the nation who should be saving for their future who currently are. If you find yourself in this situation, have you considered ...

5th Jun 2013

Tenants: How to make yourself the perfect rental candidate

The buy-to-let sector in the UK is booming at the moment, as it has been for the last two years. With this strength comes a much higher number of people looking to let each property that comes onto the market. What this can mean for you as a tenant is that you will end up facing competition to secure a tenancy, being put under extra scrutiny and having to prove that you are ...

31st May 2013

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Rics: Buyer appetite rising thanks to FLS

How do you know when the time is right to sell your home? According to one organisation prominent in the UK property market, the best way is to look at times when prices are rising and get your house up for sale as quick you can. Earlier this week (May 30th ), the Land Registry announced details of the latest house price index that showed April had seen an edging up, once ...

31st May 2013

CML: Mortgage lending data shows signs of positivity

New data released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) about the lending figures across the UK have shown that there has been a sizeable increase in how much money banks were affording to people looking to buy homes.  However, the organisation has moved to urge people not to see the figures as too outstanding, adding that there were extenuating circumstances that ...

22nd May 2013

Is now the time to sell? Property prices on the rise

For many people across the UK in recent times, it has been very difficult to find themselves a buyer for their properties for sale in order that they can move up the ladder, with many having to turn to other options such as letting their house or simply staying put for the time being. However, if you have found yourself in this situation in the few years since the financial ...

22nd May 2013

DIY advice: More Brits now turning to home improvements

In recent years, there have been numerous problems that have stopped many of us moving home. From an inability to be able to get a new mortgage to upgrade and move to a bigger house and difficulties in attracting a buyer for our own current properties, the average British owner has not had their problems to seek. However, according to new research, many people are now using ...

22nd May 2013

Buy-to-let economics: How to secure the best rental profit

Getting a return on your property investment is the main aim when it comes to buying, no matter how serious you are about the whole thing, so when it comes to it, you need to make sure you know the best way to get a maximum return on your investment. For this, it is all about being aware of what the market it doing and how it performs at any one time. For example, ...

20th May 2013

RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Benefits of a garden are endless

Managing to find someone to buy your properties for sale across the UK at the moment can be a bit more challenging than it once was in the past. However, for those looking to offload a home, it is vital to know the best way to do so by employing different tactics throughout the year. According to one expert, different seasons and cultural happenings will change what people ...

20th May 2013

Buy-to-let market and knowing the best UK areas

As a landlord, it is important to make sure that any investment you make is targeted at the right people and in the correct area of the country.  More and more landlord mortgages are being approved all the time, so it is vital to ensure that you choose the sort of purchase that suits you best. Do you want to look somewhere where demand is very high but so is the ...

15th May 2013

Tips for selling your home quickly - Finding buyers

Homeowners in certain parts of the country are now beginning to see something of a holy grail in terms of their properties. Not only is it the case that the prices of houses are rising across the nation in early 2013, but so is demand and the affordability for the average worker. In recent months, it has been reported that mortgage volumes are rising alongside prices, and ...

15th May 2013

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