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Landlords 'are now more proactive'

Landlords are being more proactive in their approaches to the world of property investment than in the past, one sector specialist has observed. According to Darren Owen, director at Property & Finance Solutions (PFS), there is "great demand" at the moment from landlords looking at property for sale with a view to expanding their portfolios. The expert noted ...

30th Jun 2011

Investing in buy to let property 'a good idea' at the moment

People looking for a possible property investment opportunity at the moment may find that purchasing buy to let property can offer significant gains in the medium to long term, according to one expert. Hazel Reed, co-founder of the Hampshire & Home Counties Property Networking Club, said that being a buy to let property owner is perhaps not as easy as it was four years ...

27th Jun 2011

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Mortgage lending 'looks bleak in the short to mid term'

The future of mortgage lending in the UK looks "bleak" in the short to medium term, according to one industry expert. Dominik Lipnicki, director at Your Mortgage Decisions, said the remortgage market has struggled to gather any "real momentum" over the last year and this looks set to continue in the months ahead. He explained: "It remains very ...

24th Jun 2011

House prices 'should be left up to the economy'

Any changes to UK house prices should be left up to the economy and not forced by the government, one expert has predicted. According to Catherine Hearnden, director at MyMortgageDirect, although the government has spoken previously about aiming for house price stability, it may not be possible to prevent further property market booms. Her comments follow the publication of ...

23rd Jun 2011

Southern property owners 'could move to the north'

People living in the south of England could consider moving to the north, where they will get far larger homes for the same price, one expert has suggested. This may well become the trend, while the north would definitely welcome the migration from the south, said Richard Horner, northern south sector regional executive for the National Association of Estate Agents . His ...

22nd Jun 2011

Property affordability 'better in the north' for FTBs

First-time buyers (FTBs) who live in the north of England will find that it is easier to get a foot on the property ladder than people living in the south, one expert has claimed. Richard Horner, northern south sector regional executive for the National Association of Estate Agents , said that affordability is not so much a problem for FTBs in the north, but rather job ...

20th Jun 2011

House builders 'focusing on large new homes'

Many housing developers are currently concentrating on building larger homes in an effort to satisfy the demand from home movers, according to one industry expert. Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation (HBF), said it is "a market-driven industry" so at the moment larger new homes are being built. However, this specialist noted that ...

15th Jun 2011

Central London property 'will continue to dominate'

Property for sale in London , particularly in the centre of the city, will continue to "dominate" the market in the months ahead, it has been claimed. Ed Mead, director at Douglas & Gordon, said that the top-end of the property market is continuing to outperform the rest and he does not think this shows any sign of changing. His comments follow the ...

14th Jun 2011

Mortgage restriction proposals 'are ridiculous'

New proposals to restrict the maximum available mortgage finance to three and a half times household income would be "ridiculous", according to one sector organisation. Catherine Hearnden, director at MyMortgageDirect, made the comments after the Institute for Public Policy Research suggested that mortgages should be capped at 90 per cent of property values and at ...

10th Jun 2011

Property investors 'could look at student accommodation'

People looking to invest in UK property at the moment could find that investing in student accommodation, namely 'boutique' housing, could be a wise option, one expert has claimed. According to Marcus Roberts, director of student investment and development at Savills, student accommodation is always a wise investment opportunity because the demand for it is always ...

7th Jun 2011

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