Homebuyers forced to move outside capital

12th Nov 2007

A growing number of homebuyers in the capital are forcing people to move to commuter towns around London.

A spokesman for the National Housing Federation said that there was a need for all different kinds of homes to be built in London so as to widen the options for buyers.

He stressed the problems faced by buyers: "First-time buyers are looking to get a foot on the ladder, and London's simply impossible.

"But also for families who are looking to move up the ladder, going from a two bed to a three bed property; sometimes that's just not possible in London, so moving out is their only option."

Towns like Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead and Leighton Buzzard have all seen many new homes built, but some people would rather be in the heart of the capital.

"There are attractions to commuter towns - these areas are greener, more spacious," the spokesman continued.

"But for a lot of people it isn't actually a choice [to move there]; a lot of people would prefer to remain in the city, but actually find themselves forced to a commuter town because it's simply not affordable to live in London anymore."

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