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UK property: English Housing Survey is released

The latest English Housing Survey has been published, revealing that the total number of households in England including old and new homes stood at 21.5 million in 2008-09, up from the 20.2 million recorded in 1999. Of this figure, 68 per cent of the homes were owner-occupiers and 32 per cent were houses to rent , with 18 per cent being social renters and 14 per cent ...

27th Oct 2010

UK property owners given security advice

Owners of new homes have been advised to ensure their properties have approved locks in order to enhance security. That is the recommendation from Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive at the British Insurance Brokers' Association, who said that modern householders are "very mindful" of home security. His comments follow the publication of ...

20th Oct 2010

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Government 'should address new homes shortage'

Something has to be done quickly about the UK's need for new homes , it has been claimed. The Homebuilders Federation said that the government should address the problem as a "matter of urgency". Head of communications Steve Turner explained that getting things right in sorting out the housing shortage issues in the UK had implications both socially and ...

3rd Sep 2010

Living by the beach 'not all fun and games'

A recent study which showed that many Brits are willing to pay a large premium for new homes by the sea has provoked a reaction from another firm. The Little House Company pointed out that living by the ocean has its own drawbacks and that Brits should not be so keen to pay a fortune for a property simply because it has a view of the water. Research by the Post Office for ...

1st Sep 2010

Check home insurance policy carefully, consumers urged

People looking to protect their new homes have been advised to carefully examine any insurance policy before making a commitment in order to avoid disappointment. Comparison site moneysupermarket recently analysed the issue of home occupancy clauses and hinted at the fact that many property owners may not be aware they risk invalidating their cover by being away for over 30 ...

24th Aug 2010

Householders urged to inform home insurers about long trips

British property owners have been advised to inform their insurer if planning a long trip otherwise they risk invalidating their home insurance if they stay more than 30 days away. Analysis of policies from top home insurance providers by Moneysupermarket revealed that some insurers only provide existing cover for unoccupied properties for a maximum of 30 days, although ...

23rd Aug 2010

VAT on new-builds is passing cost to the consumer, expert says

Placing VAT on new-build houses is just a way of passing the cost on to the consumer, according to one industry expert. Director of external affairs at the Federation of Master Builders Brian Berry said the organisation is "totally opposed" to having the tax placed on new-builds. He added: "That could not be happening at a worse time. We have got house ...

23rd Apr 2010

NHF: Insufficient amount of homes built everywhere since 2002

The housing crisis could be about to increase after research revealed there has been an insufficient amount of homes built in every region since 2002. This is according to the National Housing Federation (NHF), which revealed there were not enough properties constructed in all regions in 2008/09. London was one of the worst offenders throughout the period – from ...

8th Apr 2010

Construction News: House building situation is not too bad

The house building industry is "not in that bad a state" at the moment, according to one industry expert. Alex Hawkes, news editor at Construction News, said there are signs of recovery in the market because there is no data to back-up claims that building properties is not going well. He added it is tough to say, but it could be because small builders are ...

8th Apr 2010

Reducing empty homes could be source of housing supply, expert says

Decreasing the amount of properties that stand empty could be a source of housing supply, according to one industry expert. David Ireland, chief executive at the Empty Homes Agency – a charity which tries to reduce the amount of unfilled properties in England – said it is reasonable to look at the homes and see what can be done with them to get people living there ...

7th Apr 2010

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