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Homeowners 'should consider mortgage repayments'

Homeowners may want to regard mortgage repayments as the most important thing to remember about property ownership, an expert's comments suggest. Barney McCarthy, editor of Your Mortgage, gave his opinion on the news that most people are more afraid of burglary than being unable to pay their bills. He said: "Making your monthly mortgage repayment should be the highest ...

27th Oct 2009

Homeowners worry about burglary, survey shows

Homeowners are more concerned about their property being burgled than any other danger to their residence, according to a new survey. Chris McFarlane, head of protection at Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society (LV), reacted to statistics from Opinium Research that showed 65 per cent of property dwellers consider burglary to be the greatest threat. He described home ownership ...

26th Oct 2009

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Investors and landlords 'denied full rent payment'

Property investors and landlords may want to ensure that their tenants are paying them the correct amount, if an expert's comments are to be believed. The comments follow Conservative Party plans to give those in receipt of housing benefits the option of whether they want to receive their allowance directly or through their landlord. Tom Entwistle, editor of ...

23rd Oct 2009

'Slow progress' for home building industry

Anyone with plans to design and build their own home may be interested in the slow progress of current market conditions, following an expert's comments. Construction levels may be about to show signs of improvement, according to a spokesperson for the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians. He said: "There has been a very small increase in private house ...

16th Oct 2009

Modular housing 'rising in popularity'

The development of modular housing is rising in popularity, if the comments of an expert are anything to go by. Kevin Arthur, development surveyor at Elements Europe, said that off-site construction can appeal to those looking to set high standards of quality control with home building. He explained: "People are realising that speed of delivery, quality and ...

13th Oct 2009

Consumer regulation 'may not solve' housing access

Consumer protection laws may not be the solution to problems relating to housing access, an expert has claimed. The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries has warned against proposals that would attempt to place protective measures in the property market. Robert Sinclair, director of the organisation, said the changes could deny customers access to affordable housing in the ...

1st Oct 2009