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Rural property 'an attractive option'

People looking at property for sale in the UK may find that rural homes offer a more attractive option than urban accommodation, according to one expert. Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said that rural areas offer an overall better quality of life than living in the city or a built-up environment, as people get more fresh air, picturesque views ...

28th Apr 2011

Buy to let property finance 'improving'

Access to property finance for those looking to obtain buy to let mortgages is gradually improving in the UK, according to one expert on the subject. Mark Garner, managing director at LettingZone, said that there has been a gradual improvement recently and this is likely to continue in the months ahead, with competition among UK property finance providers intensifying. His ...

26th Apr 2011

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Gross mortgage lending 'unlikely to fall'

There is unlikely to be a further fall in gross mortgage lending levels in the UK, according to one expert. Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at independent mortgage adviser John Charcol, said there was a "significant" split between property purchases and remortgages towards the end of March. He explained that this is a mainly seasonal influence, with UK ...

21st Apr 2011

Potential tenants 'becoming more selective'

People on the hunt for property to rent are becoming more selective when deciding which accommodation they would like to live in, according to one sector expert. James Davis, chief executive of Upad, said that potential tenants are "fussier" than they have been for a while, particularly when it comes to the type of property they would like to live in, its exact ...

19th Apr 2011

Interest rate rise 'could affect property owners with tracker mortgages'

UK property owners who currently possess tracker mortgage products might be impacted by a future increase in the country's base interest rate, one expert has pointed out. According to Jasmine Birtles, founder of the financial website moneymagpie, people might be affected to different extents depending on the kind of mortgage they have. She stated: "If you have a ...

18th Apr 2011

Great deals available on mortgages - for a lucky few

The mortgage market is improving, with numerous attractive deals for people looking for houses for sale , but one firm has warned that they are not available for everybody. Paul Holmes, chief executive officer of first-time buyer advice service Firstrung, said borrowers with a perfect credit history, a deposit in excess of 25 per cent or those looking to borrow a small ...

13th Apr 2011