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Converting empty property 'can avoid a housing crisis'

One of the best ways to avoid a housing "crisis" in the UK would be to convert many of the country's empty properties into new homes , one specialist has suggested. David Ireland, chief executive at Empty Homes, said there is a "real problem" forming in the UK, if the population is cross-referenced against the number of new homes being built. He ...

29th Jun 2011

Lack of student accommodation 'should be taken advantage of'

Potential property investors need to take advantage of the current lack of quality student accommodation in the marketplace, one expert on the subject has suggested. According to Suzanne Todd, senior property consultant at Knight Knox International, the popularity of student accommodation is rising as potential investors realise that there is a gap in the market they could ...

29th Jun 2011

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Insulation 'a good idea' for UK property owners

People looking to boost the energy efficiency of their properties and help to reduce outgoings may find that installing insulation is one solution to both problems, it has been claimed. According to Bev Coombe, membership and communications manager for the National Insulation Association, insulation can not only help to keep heat inside, but will also lessen the impact on ...

28th Jun 2011

Interest rate rise 'could affect repossessions'

A possible rise in interest rates could affect the number of property repossessions occurring in the UK, according to one analyst. Ray Boulger, senior technical manager at John Charcol, said it is clear that the rate of repossessions occurring in the UK is dependent on changes to the interest rate, with the Bank of England effectively holding the cards. A sharp rise would ...

27th Jun 2011

Mortgage lending 'looks bleak in the short to mid term'

The future of mortgage lending in the UK looks "bleak" in the short to medium term, according to one industry expert. Dominik Lipnicki, director at Your Mortgage Decisions, said the remortgage market has struggled to gather any "real momentum" over the last year and this looks set to continue in the months ahead. He explained: "It remains very ...

24th Jun 2011

Southern property owners 'could move to the north'

People living in the south of England could consider moving to the north, where they will get far larger homes for the same price, one expert has suggested. This may well become the trend, while the north would definitely welcome the migration from the south, said Richard Horner, northern south sector regional executive for the National Association of Estate Agents . His ...

22nd Jun 2011

Home improvement 'can boost house prices significantly'

House prices can be boosted significantly by carrying out home improvements, according to one sector expert. Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor at Build It, said that investing in a property can be a "highly profitable manoeuvre", as the right augmentations can reap dividends in terms of adding to house values without costing a great deal to carry out. However, people ...

21st Jun 2011

Self-build market 'looks promising'

The future of the self-build market looks very promising, according to one expert who has claimed that more people may look at building their own property in the coming months and years. Jaclyn Thorburn, communications manager at BuildStore, said that the current state of the self-build market is as good as it has ever been. With self-build mortgages seemingly on the rise, ...

21st Jun 2011

Sustainability 'will come from demand'

A rise in sustainable homes will only happen once demand is increased and the public ask for energy efficiency to become standard, it has been claimed. Speaking at the Sustainability Now event, Andrew Eagles, managing director at Sustainable Homes, said that the "real change" in sustainability will occur when house buyers and tenants consider their fuel costs. His ...

17th Jun 2011

House builders 'focusing on large new homes'

Many housing developers are currently concentrating on building larger homes in an effort to satisfy the demand from home movers, according to one industry expert. Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation (HBF), said it is "a market-driven industry" so at the moment larger new homes are being built. However, this specialist noted that ...

15th Jun 2011

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