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Govt funding for empty homes 'is very welcome'

The government's announcement that a significant amount of money is to be apportioned to regenerate vacant housing areas in England is "very welcome", according to one sector body. David Ireland, chief executive at Empty Homes, gave his backing to housing minister Grant Shapps' announcement that more than £71 million will be allocated to help ...

29th Nov 2011

Landlords 'are confident' about portfolio expansion

There are signs in the UK that the amount of rental stock is likely to increase in the near future, according to one specialist, which is good news for landlords. Private rented sector expert David Lawrenson said there are signs that the amount of rental stock is likely to increase in the near future, with most reports indicating that landlords are "quite ...

29th Nov 2011

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Proportion of first-time buyers 'at lowest level in 3 years'

New figures have shown that the proportion of the housing market comprising of first-time buyers has fallen to its lowest level in three years. Research published by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has reported that in October only 16 per cent of overall sales went to new buyers, down from 22 per cent in September. The NAEA has described this as the biggest ...

25th Nov 2011

First-time buyers 'will need larger deposits in future'

First-time buyers looking to purchase a property will increasingly need to save for a larger deposit than in the past few years, an expert has claimed.   David Miles, external member of the Monetary Policy Committee, has told the Northern Housing Consortium that this could lead to a postponement in acquisitions.   He said that many first-time buyers ...

22nd Nov 2011

Insulation 'an easy way to boost house prices'

One of the simplest ways for UK property owners to increase their home values is to have insulation installed, one specialist has pointed out. Andrew Leech, executive director of the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), said that house prices can be considerably increased by having it fully insulated with roof and cavity wall insulation as well. That can also provide ...

18th Nov 2011

Fixed-rate mortgages 'unlikely to fall'

Fixed-rate mortgages are unlikely to fall any further in the near future, according to one expert who has said that now is as good a time as any for prospective UK property owners to take one out. Ben Wilkie, editor at What Mortgage, made the comments after new data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders revealed that loans for both house purchase and remortgage fell slightly ...

15th Nov 2011

Landlords offered winter warnings

Owners of property to rent in the UK have been offered some advice to ensure they and their tenants do not encounter any issues this winter as the temperature drops. Belvoir Lettings explained that cold weather and heavy snow can create major problems for tenants and landlords, with the combination of frozen boilers, leaking pipes and an inability for tradesmen to reach ...

9th Nov 2011

Property owners 'searching for the comfort factor'

The main thing that UK property owners are searching for in their home interior at the moment is comfort, according to one expert who has said that this trend will continue throughout the colder months. Pippa Roberts, spokeswoman for LAPADA, The Association of Art & Antiques Dealers, said the UK had minimalism for 15 plus years but there is definitely a trend now for ...

9th Nov 2011

Dyno issues winter DIY tips

With winter now around the corner, UK property owners have been offered a number of tips to help ensure their home is prepared for the colder months. People should first make sure that their heating system is now in working order, according to Dyno, which noted that central heating becomes "a lifeblood" during the colder months. Householders should bleed all their ...

7th Nov 2011

6 in 10 homeowners 'have never changed their mortgage'

A new report has revealed that 58 per cent of property owners in the UK have never changed their mortgage outside of moving home. The survey, carried out by Barclays, found that 92 per cent of homeowners are currently trying to reduce their monthly outgoings yet many are ignoring how they could cut one of their biggest monthly outgoings - their mortgage. According to the ...

7th Nov 2011

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