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Lenders not overly concerned by new mortgage regulations

Lenders in the UK mortgage market are not overly concerned that new rules set to come into play next year would have a negative impact on the market, a new study has discovered. The Mortgage Market Review (MMR) will come into effect in April 2014, and will see providers required to check the future ability of buyers to meet mortgage payments if interest rates were to rise. ...

4th Sep 2013

Sizzling summer sees property prices rocket

The warm summer across the UK has seen more people out and about looking for homes, pushing the prices in the UK property market ever higher, according to new reports. It is normally the case that the summer will see house sales drop as people head off on holidays, but this has not been true this year. According to findings from property analysts surveyed by Hometrack, the ...

3rd Sep 2013

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Funding for Lending having a positive effect on the property market

The UK's flagship Funding For Lending Scheme is having a positive impact on the property market across the country, a new study has found, with more and more products on offer and a greater level of affordability meaning that more buyers are now able to get loans than at any other time since financial issues affected the market. The government first introduced Funding ...

3rd Sep 2013

Second-stepper ability improves in UK market

The ability of people in Scotland to move up the property ladder has been improving in recent months, as governmental intervention has made it more affordable to move, as well as providing a slew of new first-time buyers to help complete the property chain. The latest Bank of Scotland Homemovers Review has shown that second timers are now far more able to afford to make the ...

2nd Sep 2013

Mortgage lending reaches best level since 2008

Mortgage lending across the UK has hit its highest level since 2008 as more and more people feel confident about getting themselves a place on the market, it has been reported. In the latest findings released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), the company said that the overall lending figures in July of 2013 hit £16.6 billion. This was a full 12 per cent higher ...

21st Aug 2013

Mortgage Advice Bureau: 82% rise in activity in 1 year

The UK property market has seen a staggering 82 per cent rise in activity in the last 12 months alone, a new study from the Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) has revealed. It stated that the volume of mortgages afforded to buyers was on the rise, with these accounting for £544.7 million worth of applications in July alone, approaching twice as many as in the same month in ...

16th Aug 2013

More housing being built across the UK

UK builders are now starting to provide the homes needed to boost the housing stock and help the UK property market meet the levels of demand that are currently pushing the cost of homes higher and higher, it has been reported. Recent fears about the government's new Help to Buy mortgage guarantee system, due to be brought in the new year, have included the fact that ...

16th Aug 2013

Economists not concerned over potential property bubble

Economists are not overly concerned that the rate at which Brits are heading to estate agents and the subsequently rising house prices will lead to a property bubble returning, a new report has shown. According to the latest findings published by Reuters, 20 out of the 29 surveyed experts said that they saw the potential of a housing bubble as either a worry or a risk at ...

16th Aug 2013

Monthly rental rates hitting two-year high

The cost of renting in the UK has hit a two-year high, giving landlords the confidence that the private rented sector will remain strong for the time being. It was announced earlier this month that buy-to-let lending was rising, as more and more landlords looked to expand their portfolios, and this is a trend that is being retained at the current time, with Countrywide ...

15th Aug 2013

Home buyer numbers picking up in struggling areas

The number of home buyers now coming into the market is at its highest at any point in the last four years, a new report from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has said, with some of the most struggling areas now starting to pick up. The findings show that the West Midlands and north-east were the areas seeing the best uptake in people starting to come back ...

13th Aug 2013

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