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Buy to let mortgages 'are available'

The availability of buy to let mortgages for UK landlords is continuing to increase, according to one expert, who has noted that rates are still relatively high, however. Alan Ward, chairman of the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), made the comments after figures form Haart revealed that demand for buy-to-let mortgages has risen to 16.8 per cent - the highest level ...

25th Aug 2011

Confidence 'will return' to Scottish property market

The Scottish property market will continue to recover as confidence returns to the sector in the months ahead, one expert has predicted. That is the opinion of Dianne Paterson, residential property partner at legal firm Russel + Aitken, who said the country's housing market is experiencing the same highs and lows as the UK at the moment, but stability will eventually ...

23rd Aug 2011

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Rates on LTV mortgages 'unlikely to improve'

There is unlikely to be an improvement in the rates on loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages in the near future, according to one expert on the subject. That is the opinion of Matt Griffith, a spokesman for PricedOut, the national campaign for affordable house prices , who claimed that mortgage lenders are still "rationing" credit, with the best rates still preserved for ...

18th Aug 2011

Scottish property owners 'keen to sell'

Property owners north of other border are currently very keen to continue moving up the property ladder, but a lack of mortgage finance is affecting their plans, it has been claimed. Dianne Paterson, residential property partner at Russel + Aitken, made the comments after a report by the Registers of Scotland showed that the average price of a residential property in ...

4th Aug 2011

Residential London property 'a safe place' for investment

Property in London remains one of the safest places for people to invest their money, according to one industry analyst who has predicted that this may be the case for some time. Hugh Best, head of investment management at London Central Portfolio, said he expects to see above-trend growth in prime London property in the coming years, particularly from overseas buyers. ...

3rd Aug 2011

London property investment 'advisable' in run-up to Olympics

Property investors eyeing a new home should focus on the capital, as London property is expected to spike in value in the run-up to the Olympic Games next year, it has been asserted. Peter Mindenhall, researcher at IPINGlobal.com, said that London presents a "very strong case" as far as property investment is concerned across most sectors, providing that the ...

3rd Aug 2011