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Extra rooms 'can add value'

Adding extra rooms to homes can increase house values by a considerable amount, home improvement experts have indicated. The convenience and extra space that adding a room can provide is another key reason why it is becoming a popular option with homeowners, according to the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC). Andrew Leech, director of the NHIC, commented that, as ...

10th Nov 2008

Homes can't be '100 per cent economical'

It is extremely difficult trying to make a home completely economical as it can cost a lot of money to make environmental improvements, experts have said. British Eco Energy believes that people need to budget to decrease the economical impact of their property, especially in the current climate of falling house prices and economic hardship. A spokesman for British Eco ...

5th Nov 2008

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Home improvement market stagnates

There is expected to be no growth in the UK home improvement market in the next year, experts have indicated. According to Kingfisher, Europe's largest home improvement retailer, consumer confidence is not likely to improve enough to signal a turnaround. Ian Cheshire, chief executive of the firm, which owns B&Q, told Reuters: "I'm assuming we've got at least a ...

3rd Nov 2008

Property improvement experts can 'save you money'

A celebrity property authority has claimed that homeowners should look to consult professionals about home improvements as this is the best way to ensure money saving practices are followed. In the long-term, experts could save money on property improvements, Phil Spencer has claimed. The presenter of shows such as Location, Location, Location stated that there are many ...

30th Oct 2008

Extensions can improve value

Homes can be improved by building small, simple extensions on houses, adding house value without needing to make major changes, according to experts. With house prices continuing to fall, many people are looking to improve property values without seeking to move house, the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) has claimed. Andrew Leech, the director of the NHIC, stated ...

23rd Oct 2008

'Back to basics' for homeowners

Homeowners need to go back to basics in order to make the most of their properties during the current economic climate, a home improvement expert has claimed. Some of the best ways to improve house values and homeliness are extremely simple and do not need too much effort, according to Anna Ryder Richardson and Anglian Home Improvements. The celebrity interior designer ...

21st Oct 2008

Extension is 'an opportunity to do so much more'

A home improvements expert has said building an extension such as a new kitchen or play room should be considered as a great opportunity. Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4's Grand Designs, told the Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham that is was a chance to "do so much more" with space. Speaking during a seminar named Don't Move, Improve, he said an ...

14th Oct 2008

Public has 'appetite' for green homes

There is a market for green homes and estate agents should take advantage of the opportunity to help the environment as well as make money, a charity organisation has claimed. Homeowners would benefit immensely from greener homes too as they could pay much less on household bills, according to Friends of the Earth (FOE). Marie Reynolds, the organisation's spokeswoman, ...

10th Oct 2008

Green measures can save homeowners money

Improving the environmental standing of homes could reduce costs for homeowners, especially on heating bills, specialists have stated. Adding measures such as loft insulation can result in big savings and is actually free for many people, according to energy efficiency expert Mike Malina. "If you're on a low income you can now get that 100 per cent funded," he ...

7th Oct 2008

'Little things' make big difference to sales

Homeowners have been urged to take care of the little things if they want to make a big sale. According to a survey from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), the best way to increase the saleability of a property is to simply make sure it is tidy. The research found that 45 per cent believed that a house without clutter would encourage buyers to pay higher ...

3rd Oct 2008

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