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UK house prices fall by 0.7% in October

The price of houses in the UK property market dropped by 0.7 per cent in October as continued financial uncertainty kept buyers away from purchasing houses, according to the latest results published by Halifax. The organisation said that October saw the cost of purchasing a home fall to £158,426 as it added that there is a continuing level of decline in the market at ...

6th Nov 2012

Major problems could cause serious issues for UK property owner finance

People living in properties for sale across the UK could experience serious difficulties in their finances if their home is struck by disaster this winter, with many admitting that they do not have an emergency fund in place. According to the latest report released by HSBC, many residents could not survive until the weekend on their savings if they had to. The bank ...

5th Nov 2012

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Second home sales dropping across the UK

The number of second homes being sold across the UK property market is dropping in two-thirds of areas, a new study has found. It has been reported in recent months that people struggle across the UK to move to a second property because of the fact that that high deposits for first timers is reducing the number of people coming into the market at the bottom end, meaning ...

29th Oct 2012

Take care over decisions when entering BTL market

With rental yields for landlords at historic highs in recent months across the UK property market, there has never been a better time for new professionals to join the sector and cash in on the demand prevalent around the country. However, one expert has said that it is vitally important that those who are considering getting themselves onto the buy-to-let ladder take their ...

17th Oct 2012

Nesting still more important than investing for FTBs

First-time buyers of properties for sale in the UK are still seeing the chance to settle into a house with their partner as the main reason for getting onto the ladder, as opposed to investing financially for the future. According to a new study carried out by the Yorkshire Building Society, some 85 per cent of first timers said that being able to buy a house that they and ...

17th Oct 2012

Detached home values increasing more than competitors

Those living in detached properties for sale across the UK are seeing the value of their houses rise faster than any others, a new report has found, as the most valuable style of houses still appeal to buyers as a whole. According to Halifax's latest findings, the detached homes across the UK have seen gains in price of £642 per month over the course of the last ...

1st Oct 2012

Rural properties outperform urban alternatives

Ever since the financial crisis which saw housing prices drop dramatically in the UK property market since 2007, rural houses have been performing more resiliently in terms of value than their urban alternatives. While London has been the area where there has been the most resilience against price drops, the latest report from Halifax show that on average, it is those ...

21st Sep 2012

Olympic Games 'have boosted interest in London property'

The Olympic Games has had a significant impact on the number of people enquiring about property in London, particularly as far as prospective overseas buyers are concerned, it has been suggested. London property expert Nick Marr said that, for overseas buyers, London has always been attractive, but the Games have spread the effect from central London to the outer reaches ...

24th Aug 2012

Gross remortgage lending bounces back

Gross remortgage lending rebound in July, after reaching an 18-month low in June, according to the latest figures from LMS. In its inaugural Remortgage Report, the organisation reveals that borrowers have been holding back on remortgaging, waiting for more attractive deals Customers who do remortgage are typically increasing the size of their loan, releasing an average of ...

22nd Aug 2012

UK National Park property prices '£90k more than county average'

People who want to buy a property in one of the UK's National Park areas may have to pay an extra £90,000, new research has indicated. House prices in the National Parks of England and Wales are an average £87,968 higher than their county average, which equates to paying 45 per cent extra. Furthermore, this premium stands at £31,342, or 55 per cent, ...

6th Aug 2012

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