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Building an extension 'requires careful thought'

People thinking of adding an extension to their property have been advised to bear some things mind before embarking on the project. Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council, said that property owners must first consider what their budget is going to be and then approach their local authority and ask them whether there are any space restrictions. ...

17th Apr 2012

Mortgage costs fall in Scotland

The last few years have witnessed a fall in the cost of mortgages in Scotland, according to one sector expert who believes this trend may continue. Dianne Paterson, property partner at Russel + Aitken, said she disagrees with recent figures published by the Bank of Scotland, indicating that the typical annual cost associated with owning and running a home in Scotland stood ...

16th Apr 2012

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UK remortgage enquiries rise

The number of people in the UK looking to remortgage has hit an all-time high, according to the latest figures. A report by unbiased.co.uk shows that 37 per cent of all searches on unbiased.co.uk's 'find a mortgage adviser search' were related to remortgaging in March 2012, compared to 33 per cent in February 2012 and 31 per cent in March last year. Commenting ...

13th Apr 2012

Green home improvement measures 'must be handled carefully'

New government proposals to make householders install green measures when improving their home have been welcomed by one organisation that extols the benefits of sustainable development. The Department for Communities and Local Government has drawn up new rules meaning that householders who want to build a conservatory, replace a broken boiler or install new windows will be ...

13th Apr 2012

Converting a basement 'makes a huge difference'

People looking to expand or enhance their property may find that converting the basement can make a significant difference and provide them with plenty of new options, it has been observed. Rosie Caley, design director at BasementWorks, said people with reservations about converting a cellar or basement will find that it is actually relatively easy, depending on where they ...

11th Apr 2012

Property in south-east London 'rising in popularity'

The popularity of property in south-east London is continuing to rise as people realise the investment opportunities in the area and the potential for growth. That is the opinion of Steven Herd, London property expert, who said that although there is still a north-south divide in terms of London property, many now view south-east London "much more favourably", ...

5th Apr 2012

UK mortgage approvals 'on the rise'

The number of mortgages being approved in the UK has risen once again, according to the latest figures published by HSBC. Data compiled in the report reveals that the organisation approved £4.9 billion in mortgages to UK borrowers during the first quarter of 2012, which is nine per cent more than the same period in 2011. According to HSBC, it is the highest number of ...

3rd Apr 2012

Carrying out home improvements 'is cost effective'

People who carry out improvements on a property may find that the process can make them money in the long run, particularly when it comes to selling the house. Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, said that improving a property can help to boost house prices if it is down right, and often the amount that is added to the home value can exceed the price of carrying out the ...

28th Mar 2012

Property extensions 'can be pursued on a low budget'

Families can enhance their property , as well as improve its asking price, by investing in a home extension. This is the opinion of Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, who was particularly keen to advise people to look into adding a conservatory to the back of their house. "They are not tremendously expensive, but they will provide another ...

23rd Mar 2012

Prime London property rents 'set to fall'

There is likely to be a reduction in rents for prime London property in the coming weeks, according to one expert. Ed Mead, director at Douglas & Gordon, said that he does not expect to see rents going up over the short or medium term, by virtue of the fact that buy to let property has had a "resurgence" in recent times. This is because a mortgage on buy to ...

13th Mar 2012

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