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Developers 'opting for larger new homes'

Developers looking at building new homes are increasingly opting for larger developments, according to the Home Builders Federation. Steve Turner, head of communications at the organisation, noted that it is currently a "market-driven industry" and generally larger houses are being built, but he put this down to many first-time buyers' inability to buy. His ...

24th May 2011

Construction of new homes 'has not improved'

The UK constructing sector has not made any real progress in the last year, with the creation of new homes still somewhat stagnant, one industry expert has stated. Brian Berry, director of external affairs at the Federation of Master Builders, said that activity has been "depressing" in the last few months. This is despite the publication of a new report by the ...

20th May 2011

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Govt empty homes pledge 'is great news'

The government's pledge to convert the nation's empty and disused homes into inhabitable accommodation is excellent news for the housing industry, it has been claimed. Andrew Stunell, the country's communities minister, has this week described the number of long-term empty UK properties as "a scandal", claiming that as many as 700,000 people could have ...

18th May 2011

Saving for a property deposit 'harder than ever'

It is now more difficult than it has ever been to save for a deposit on a new property , according to one expert. Matt Griffith, spokesman for PricedOut, said that the market for first-time buyers is more difficult than it has ever been, largely due to house prices being so high, as well as the reluctance of mortgage lenders to provide competitive rates. His comments ...

11th May 2011

Geographical price divide for new homes 'will widen'

The price divide between new homes in the north and south of the UK is only likely to increase in the coming months, one industry expert has predicted. According to Vernon Pethard, managing director at newhomesforsale, new property in the south of the country will rise in value at a faster rate than homes located in the north, consistent with previous trends. The expert ...

10th May 2011