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Emergency Budget had 'landlord friendly' measures

UK estate agents will be glad to hear that a number of "landlord-friendly" measures were announced in George Osborne's emergency Budget presented before the House of Commons last week, according to one expert. Capital gains tax was raised from 18 per cent to 28 per cent instead of the higher figures speculated earlier, while entrepreneurs' relief lifetime limit ...

28th Jun 2010

Landlord appetite for property doubles despite CGT concerns

Just days after chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne increased capital gains tax (CGT) new research has revealed that demand for properties to rent is high among landlords eager to invest. Presenting the first Budget of the Liberal Democrats-Conservative coalition government, Mr Osborne increased the levy to 28 per cent and also announced that VAT will go up from 17.5 ...

25th Jun 2010

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Osborne raises CGT to 28%

The first Budget of the Liberal Democrats-Conservative coalition government has been delivered by chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne, who outlined measures that could have a significant impact on houses for sale in coming months. UK estate agents and other housing market insiders will be glad to hear that capital gains tax (CGT) has not been increased to 40 per cent ...

23rd Jun 2010

CGT 'must be tapered to minimise distortions to the market'

An increase in capital gains tax (CGT) has been one of the issues hanging over the property market since the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives came into government a few weeks back. The expected changes to the levy have caused panic among people, especially those who own more than one home and buy-to-let property investors. Research by LSL Property Services revealed at ...

21st Jun 2010

Kensington: Encourage landlords to build long-term portfolios

Demand for new build homes and other properties that can be used to provide privately rented accommodation could increase in coming years as people hold out on buying property. New research from Kensington shows that nearly two-thirds of people living in privately rented accommodation believe they are unlikely to buy their own home in the next five years. The mortgage ...

16th Jun 2010

Rental arrears plague landlords, but optimism remains high

People who have houses to rent in Manchester and other locations across the country continue to face a challenging environment as rental arrears grow in light of economic conditions. In the last 12 months alone, 34 per cent of landlords were affected by rental arrears, the highest proportion ever recorded in the survey by BDRC Continental. Despite the problems, those with ...

10th Jun 2010

CGT 'only an issue if you plan to sell now'

Individuals with houses to rent have been advised not to worry about changes to capital gains tax (CGT) that are causing panic among buy-to-let property owners and those with more than one home. Recent research from LSL Property Services revealed last month that more than one in four (26 per cent) landlords would consider selling their property before the introduction of ...

8th Jun 2010

Landlords to sell properties due to capital gains tax

UK estate agents may be interested in the latest study from LSL Property Services showing how the introduction of the new capital gains tax (CGT) would affect the housing market. Nine out of ten landlords are against the increase in the tax and more than a quarter (26 per cent) would consider selling their property before the changes come into force, the research found. ...

4th Jun 2010