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Six-point plan to tackle housing crisis

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has suggested a six-point plan to the government to tackle the housing crisis. Peter O'Connell, policy manager at FMB, said it would be a "dereliction of duty" if the chancellor did not address the housing problem in next week's Budget. He suggested six measures that could help improve the property market. Increasing bank ...

17th Apr 2009

First-time buyers need 'more houses'

More houses need to be built to create favourable conditions for would-be first-time buyers, according to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Unless this happens getting on to the property ladder will be a "far away dream" for young people looking to buy their first home, the federation said. Peter O'Connell, policy manager at FMB, added that the rate of ...

17th Apr 2009

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Sellers should 'be wary' of high offers

Homeowners who are selling their houses should be "wary of high offers", according to the Homeowners Advice Centre. Chris Jenkins, co-owner of the centre, said high offers could have hidden clauses and last minute price revisions. He added that the buyer may also pull out of the sale at the last-minute. According to Hometrack, the number of agreed sales was almost ...

16th Apr 2009

Homeowners are 'waiting' to invest their savings.

Many homeowners in the UK are "waiting for the right time to invest" their savings into the property market, according to a new report. The research by first direct, which is a division of HSBC, showed that Britons are sitting on approximately £20 billion while they wait to sell their homes and buy new properties. House prices will return to normal by the end ...

16th Apr 2009

Good news for homeowners as 'seller's market' returns

There are positive signs for the property market as reports suggest a "seller's market" is returning. According to Robert Pritchard, director at property consultant firm Smiths Gore, there are signs that the bottom of the market has been reached. He suggested that now is a good time for property owners to sell their homes. "Given the volume of cash available ...

16th Apr 2009

Property market is 'stimulated' by rising house prices

Interest in the property market is being "stimulated" by a rise in house prices , according to a housing specialist. Ed Mead, director of sales at London-based estate agent Douglas & Gordon, said that a lot of people who had been renting out their properties because they could not sell them, will "soon" put their houses on to the market. "There ...

15th Apr 2009

Councils urged to use empty homes

The problem of empty homes is being met by the government, which has announced it is to give more support for councils to get them back into the housing system. Local authority powers on the issue of empty homes have been strengthened, with new guidance being published with the Empty Homes Agency. By reusing properties, those who are struggling to get on the market or ...

11th Mar 2009

Homeowners shouldn't be forced into renting

Homeowners have been urged not to rent out their properties if they are not comfortable doing so. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has also observed that many homes are not suitable for renting out and people in the UK should not feel forced into doing so. Alan Ward, chairman of the RLA, said that factors such as necessary moves for work could result in renting ...

10th Mar 2009

'Ideal time' to re-enter property market

Now is the perfect time for serious property investors to think about entering the market again, experts have claimed. Due to the current financial climate and low house prices , it could be the right moment to act for those with experience in property, according to Ducalian. Timothy Lambert, sales and marketing manager at the investment firm, said that good value could be ...

5th Mar 2009

Scottish property management market 'not working well'

The system of property management in Scotland is not helping homeowners, a report has claimed. Property management companies manage common shared properties, such as gardens and roofs, within residential properties with a common space, with 135,000 of these in Scotland. According to an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) study, one in three homeowners admitted that they are not ...

12th Feb 2009

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