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Landlord insurance 'is always worth considering'

People moving into buy to let property investment should always ensure they have appropriate insurance in place, which can offer them peace of mind at the very least, one expert has advised. Stuart Law, chief executive at investment adviser Assetz, said that insurance to protect against tenant arrears is a necessity that is "well worth considering", particularly ...

21st Jun 2012

Buying a property '£200k cheaper than renting'

Buying a property works out almost £200,000 cheaper than renting over the course of a lifetime, according to a new report by Barclays. Research carried out by the bank indicates that buying, paying mortgage and maintaining a home costs £429,000 over a period of 50 years, compared to £623,000 in rent – a difference of £194,000. Over a 50-year ...

19th Jun 2012

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'Many regions' present buy to let opportunities

There are plenty of regions in the UK that present opportunities for buy to let investment, and successful landlords will be the ones who identify these areas, one specialist has pointed out. Malcolm Harrison, property industry expert speaking on behalf of Let Insurance Services, said that the point of buy-to-let has always been it is a changing market place, where there ...

19th Jun 2012

Council tenants 'could face eviction' under new rules

New government proposals could see council tenants faced with eviction if they do not agree to pay increased rents. The new 'pay-to-stay' scheme is set to be unveiled by housing minister Grant Shapps and will see high-earning council tenants forced to either pay more to remain in their property or face eviction. The aim of the move is to ease the pressure on social ...

13th Jun 2012

Tenants 'need to make themselves appealing'

People competing for a flat need to make themselves as attractive as possible if they are to persuade the landlord to side with them, it has been advised. James Davis, a UK rental property expert, said that tenants need to make sure that they are packaging themselves up as best as they can to a landlord, and are ideally being referenced. "They should [make sure] that ...

12th Jun 2012

Landlords 'should visit properties frequently'

Buy to let property owners should frequently visit the houses and flats they own in order to check for any signs of damage or structural problems, it has been advised. Nick Oldridge, a spokesperson for the DIY advice site Roofapedia, said that people renting can often not report structural problems, meaning that landlords should regularly look at their properties for ...

7th Jun 2012

'Many measures in place' to protect tenants

There are plenty of measures in place to protect people moving into rental property, which should assuage any fears that potential tenants have, one expert has pointed out. UK property expert Sue Hopson said the market is "heavily legislated" in favour of the tenant, with a "huge" amount of legislation added every year to lettings under the Housing Act. ...

25th May 2012

Good tenants 'more important than short-term rents'

It is more important for landlords to secure good tenants to fill their properties than it is to maximise short-term rents, one specialist has noted. UK rental property expert James David made the comments after recent figures revealed that rents rose by 0.5 per cent on a monthly basis as rental demand increased in April, with annual rental inflation standing at 2.4 per ...

23rd May 2012

Landlords 'must be aware of the law'

Buy to let property investment can be a lucrative business, but landlords need to be aware of the law if they are to be successful and the process is to be trouble-free, one expert on the subject has noted. Tessa Shepperson from Landlord Law said that the main problem for landlords is not knowing what the law is. If landlords deal with things properly and comply with the ...

17th May 2012

Pre-tenancy screening 'a wise option' for landlords

It is a wise decision for landlords to screen potential tenants before they allow them to occupy their property, it has been advised. Tom Entwistle, from the advice organisation Landlord Zone, said that buy to let property owners need to do all they can to protect themselves against non-payment, late or partial payment of rent. He said that the most important aspect of ...

14th May 2012

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