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Which location is better Milton or Bar Hill?

I'm moving to Cambridge. I have seen houses that I like in both Bar Hill and in Milton, I am undecided as to which is better. The house in Bar Hill is bigger with a good sized garden, and with 2 kids its a bonus, but Milton is closer to the Science park which is where my husband works. Any views on location, schools etc would be helpful. Thanks,

Asked on Jul 16 2010, General in Cambridge | Report content

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  • Hi Definitely Milton. The schools (primary and secondary) are first-rate and you will avoid all the traffic to the science park - the Milton roundabout can get very snarled up. There is also a good bus into town from the Park and Ride. Hope this helps.

    Answered on Jul 19 2010, Report content
  • I would say Milton is a better bet too. Bar Hill values are a little lower because it is not so close to Cambridge. There's nothing wrong with Bar Hill as such but the A14, past the Girton interchange, gets extremely congested most of the time and that's just about the only way to get to Bar Hill.

    Answered on Aug 4 2010, Report content
  • This reply will probably be too late to be of use to you but may help dispel the notion that Bar Hill is necessarily a poor choice. What has Bar Hill got going for it? Cheaper housing than Milton (and Cambourne). Swavesey Village College catchment area: surprisingly the best performing village college in Cambridgeshire for several years now, doing much better than the highly-prized (and IMO overrated) Parkside CC in Cambridge. School bus runs between Bar Hill and Swavesey. Decent happy primary school with hard-working head within easy traffic-free walking access of almost any home in the village. Within catchment area for the Hills Rd SVC if your kids are academically able. Nurseries and playgroups available. Local ecumenical church. A fairly safe low-traffic environment for the kids to play outside home and roam about the surrounding areas. Good schemes for youth sports within the village. It's had 30-40 years to mature in environment terms so you get mature trees, more even demographics. Good walks over undulating (unusual for Cambridge) farm land to Dry Drayton, Hardwick, Lolworth and onwards. Huge local 24 hr supermarket at one end of the village well isolated from residential areas. Good public transport into Cambridge between 7am-11pm. As for the A14, just, it can freeze up with traffic but you have an advantage in that the third lane terminates at Bar Hill so it is almost always moving even when the rest of the road is gridlocked. Plus there is a rat-run to use under that circumstance that I won't mention as it will upset the neighbouring villages. Social composition? If you must live amongst the aspirational classes, then it's probably not the place for you. Many residents are self-employed: taxi drivers, electricians, engineering trades. Some are FTBs, getting their first small flat. Fair number of families with young kids. Possibly growing number of retirees. Not many academics at all. Some social housing. I think the bulk of housing turnover here is with the FTBs, who move on quite quickly, leaving a stable core of residents who stay long term. Fair number of kids come from homes without history of higher education and aspirations to proceed to higher education can be low. Downsides? Commuting from Bar Hill to the Science Park is a ride in gridlock hell along the A14 section just north of Cambridge. Like you, I moved to Cambridge for a job and came to Bar Hill in 1994 with a family with two primary school kids. Having looked at all the options, including Milton, Bar Hill gave me most for my admittedly limited resources obtained by selling my ex-council property in Birmingham. I hated it initially, having had to pay almost £60K (weep) for a terrace smaller than what I had previously. Used to annoy locals by referring to Bar Hill as a housing estate (“village, you fool, village”). There used to be youth problems around the village centre back then that was eventually resolved by policing and policy changes. Over the years I've been here, Bar Hill has improved and during that time, fortuitously, the local schools were good and that gave them a better state education than they could have had almost anywhere else in UK. Quite frankly, unlike in 1994, now I'd choose to live in Bar Hill rather than Cambridge, or the other nearby commuter villages.

    Answered on Oct 10 2010, Report content
  • Milton. Walk/cycle over the bridge to work rather than enjoy the A14 twice daily

    Answered on Jun 18 2011, Report content

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