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What's it like to live in Peterhead?

How does it compare to the areas around? Is it a safe area?

Asked on Feb 15 2008, General in Peterhead | Report content

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  • From experience I found Peterhead a very unpleasent place to live. There is nothing to do in the area, there are a few resturants, but you have a wide variety of Takeaway as there is 1+ on every street. The locals arevery unfriendly and unless you are born and bred in the area you are basically not welcome or accepted. If you like to hear others opinions on you then this is the town for you as they dont hold back ( they dont take time to get to know you, as i said if your not from the area they dont say a nice word to you) THIS IS SPEAKING FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE.

    Answered on Nov 24 2009, Report content
  • I would suggest that you look at the local authorities’ website or to see what the crime statistics etc for this area are. You can also look at the local tourist board website which gives you an up to date overview of the area. I would also visit the area and ask some locals.

    Answered on Aug 4 2011, Report content
  • In reply to rosie113, sorry your experience of Peterhead was so bad but I do not think Peterhead is any better or worse than any other town. Yes there are many charity shops and the centre looks a but run down,the same as any Town,but moves are afoot to change that. Over the last 40yr Peterhead has been fortunate in its location to attract a lot of industry and work,with the result that a lot of people have located to Peterhead. Having worked with many of them and being born in Peterhead myself I am surprised to find that none would move from Peterhead even though many are well travelled. Yes I agree that you might find or feel that "There is nothing to do" I mean with so many golf courses, a fooyball Club, beaches a Community centre with swimming pool and cinema a short journey to the Oil Capital of Aberdeen (probably the nicest city in Scotland) with the Trump Golf course and as many shops as facilities you could want you have every reason to feel deprived. But back to the people of Peterhead,they do not suffer fools gladly.

    Web reference:

    Answered on Oct 1 2012, Report content
  • Sir I like it here. can be cold in winter. but the people are very good. the house that I live in is not what I want so would like to leave to another house in the area. I am from the Midlands. J

    Answered on Nov 10 2012, Report content
  • Hi, We would suggest that you get in touch with local estate agents in order to get some background about the area. You can search for agents using the ‘find agents’ tab on the top of the Zoopla Page. We hope this helps.

    Answered on Oct 1 2013, Report content
  • People wherever you are all different. It takes time to make friends anywhere including Peterhead. We have been here a couple of years after 20+ on the West coast. People are people, there are also good and bad points about the area. the centre in dying to be blunt, padestrianised i.e. no cars so no through traffic means no customers! two indian restaurants....and two pub/hotels do food thats it. Sports are limited to the leisure centre with no outside facilities, there is a runing track (falling apart) next to the football club which has the best pitches (football club use) outsiide the Prison which has 4 (FOUR) all weather pitches, go figure on that one!!!!!! there is a swing park there also.... everything is broken (hear that anyone at the council EVERYTHING! thats 5/7/14! There are the beaches which are great one near the prison almost inaccessable, and one next to the golf club, oh and one at the harbour, a few swing parks 4 or 5 I think for population of 20000. The people are friendly if you make the effort to talk to them, so make the effort most are friendly (most). Aberdeen in not a patch on Glasgow, where has all the tax revenue gone in the Oil Capitol! not in to the area that is for sure! No railway north of Aberdeen! so you rely on Death Race 2014 A90!! seriously I have lived all over the UK commuted in London and knowhere repeat knowhere are drivers so happy to risk their own and everyone elses life on the road, it is only 30 miles from Peterhead to Aberdeen! slow down!! another death 2 week ago at Peterhead!! slow down and that is everyone old and young the road will be up graded to Ellon and that is it!! really how silly is that!! You have to drive so defensively it is untrue. and why is there 1 (one) speed camera only on the whole road to the Broch?? and where are the Police?? If you intend to drive, no option!! SUV or 4x4 (big) only so when some **** *** does hit you, you are safeish!! Summary People friendly if you take the time to speak to them allow 4 years! area miles from anywhere therefore limited choice or pay more for everything. see Graham for your fish though really nice guy (local) and great fish!

    Answered on Jul 9 2014, Report content

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