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Financially worth getting double glazing?

I'm about to sell my flat which is on a main road with no double glazing, so quite noisy and inefficient for heat retention. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on whether or not it's financially worth installing double glazing, given I'm about to sell up? i.e. If I spend £3000 on double glazing, would that be likely to push my flat sale price up by £3000 or more? Or am I better off saving my money? Many thanks for any advice you might have!

Asked on Jan 26 2010, Home Improvement in London | Report content

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  • I would firstly enquire if there is any chance that the managing agent/company for the complex has plans for installing double glazing in the future. Sometimes if the management funds allow this, it is a job which is carried out to reduce maintenance costs in the future. If it is a scheduled job or up for discussion then simply tell your buyer this is on the agenda, but try and get something in writing from you management company!...... Okay........if its not on the agenda then personally I would get it done in a flat! Flats can be hard to sell usually based on the number of other flats on the market and the fact FTB (assuming this could be type of buyer for your flat) may not be cash rich! So the less cash outlay they will have to spend in the future the more chance you have of them buying yours based on lower heating bills and a job for the future already done. Not to mention if you think it will soften the noise it could also be the difference between someone offering and not offering. If you have had an asking price recommended without the double glazing simply add £5,000 to it once the job is done and you leave some room to negotiate and may even make a bit of money for your efforts. Just check with a local agent though that it is worth it based on their local knowledge, but for me it is pretty generic advice. Good luck with your sale!

    Answered on Jan 26 2010, Report content
  • Unless the windows are rotten, then I would suggest no. Spend half that on new carpets and redecoration and renting a self storage for a few months to store your rammel (East Midlands phrase for personal belongings) ... I bet you might get an extra £5k for spending £2.5k .. a much better return than spending £3k to get £3k

    Answered on Jan 30 2010, Report content
  • Adding double glazing is not just about increasing the value of the property. Whilst it may certainly increase the value - your local estate agent will be the best person to advise - you will certainly increase the chances of selling it as few people will want to buy a property if it is too noisy. Get some quotes for double glazing but also get some quotes for secondary glazing which is far cheaper and will certainly reduce the noise and help with the sale.

    Web reference:

    Answered on Aug 21 2010, Report content
  • I would as the chances of buying homes with double glazing are high anyway!

    Answered on Sep 14 2012, Report content

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