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Will property prices rise in 2011 and by what percentage?

Asked on Sep 5 2010, House Prices in Doncaster | Report content

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  • A simple case of supply and demand would dictate that prices will continue to rise through 2010 and 2011. With regards to percentages, there is no way of knowing an exact percentage.

    Answered on Sep 6 2010, Report content
  • People are speculating that house prices will fall, but then there are always those who view everything in a negative way. There might be slight falls or slight rises, at the end of the year not much might have changed. I don't know why people are so hung up on whether prices will rise, that isn't always a positive if they do.

    Answered on Sep 6 2010, Report content
  • I think that until Banks and builing societies relax there lending criteria prices will be fairly stable, but it really is a case of unknowns. The only reason prices should go up is if average salaries are rising, what we have seen is that they rose because the banks would lend you more and more with smaller and smaller deposits. Identical to late eighties.

    Answered on Sep 6 2010, Report content
  • It's like asking what are the 6 numbers for Lottery next week! No one know for real.... there are wild predictions all over the place. Mainly it depends where your property is in UK? Within M25 the prices will hold or slightly improve depending on what type of property it is.

    Answered on Sep 6 2010, Report content
  • I agree with the last three answers. I think we will enter a period when we see net stability. However if any of us could exactly predict what will happen we would be on a beach now!

    Answered on Sep 7 2010, Report content
  • I predict with my crystal ball that prices will rise slightly at the beginning of the year, will then fall slightly in the middle of the year and then rise again around September/October time.

    Answered on Sep 7 2010, Report content
  • Crystal ball, yeah you would need one to know if they will go up. I thought they were going to fall by up to 7% next year, that's what I read. That is why we are not moving, wouldn't take less on our house than it's current value.

    Answered on Sep 9 2010, Report content
  • We are approx 2 years in to a land/property based recession which will continue in theory into 2012. QE and the lowest interest rates in 300 years have helped to delay this by appox 12-18 months and could possible push this out further if more is applied.Property is falling even with low interest rates now which suggests that the suckers rally is over. The resulting phase which has just begun and could last at least another 3-4 years will see prices fall by approx another 50%. 5%- 2010, 20%-2011, 40% -2012, 5%-2013.This babies going down, if not soon then later. This land cycle has caused a banking crisis which in turn will cause or has caused a depression. House prices peak to trough ----50%-70% fall.

    Answered on Oct 9 2010, Report content
  • 1% fall is the general consensus

    Answered on Oct 15 2010, Report content

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