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Are we a nation of pet lovers?

We are a couple in our early thirties who have been looking for a home for a year that allows pets, we have a very sleepy retired rescue cat who sleeps more hours a day than a day contains and would love to have a small dog (Boston terrier to be exact) but it appears others have ruined it for the rest of us and estate agents just immediately say no to us as soon as we mention the C A T word! So my question really is, if we are a nation of pet lovers... Where do they all live?! Does anyone rent to pet lovers?

Asked on May 17 2015, Renting in Bracknell | Report content

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  • I'm facing that problem as well. I have a Golden Retriever. He loves to chew shoes and he never touched the furniture or the appliances. Nobody wants to receive us, a couple in middle thirties with a toddler, a baby and a Golden Retriever. I'm sure britons are pet lovers and I endorse your question: where do they all live???

    Answered on Jun 4 2015, Report content
  • Hi Kelly. You are not the only one. We live in Portsmouth and have looking since January this year!! We have two boston terriers, and as soon as the work DOG is mentioned it is a complete blanket NO from all estate agents!! We are already renting and just need to downsize, and we can provide excellent references for ourselves and the dogs!! but the answer is still NO. It is so frustrating and annoying in fact, because the estate agents are not even willing to negotiate with the landlords on our behalf re the references. I ask the same question as you, does anyone rent to pet lovers??

    Answered on Jul 7 2015, Report content
  • Hi I sympathise I ve had problems finding rentals which allow pets I always have unfurnished properties and have been asked to pay a pet bond which I'm happy to do ,animals do not cause damage and if they do its your own furniture my teen agers have caused more problems with damage than animals ! I've found looking on Prime Location good as it has an option for pets allowed . Good luck

    Answered on Sep 8 2015, Report content
  • Same problem here. I have a German Shepherd, but the funny thing is that I work with dogs, walking and training them, so you can imagine that my dog is really obedient and well behaved. He never barks, never chews furniture. Anyway, most of the time I don't even have the opportunity to discuss it or negotiate it. As soon as I mention the dog, the agents say no, and it sounds like a final decision with no room for negotiation. Even after calling ads that say "pets allowed" I received a no for an answer (I guess they were expecting golden fish or something small). It is frustrating, even more so when you think that we pay a deposit to cover damage.

    Answered on Mar 7 2016, Report content

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