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I want to sell my own home without an agent. How do I go about this?

Asked on May 10 2010, Selling in Stone | Report content

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  • Forgetting all the legal obligations and concentrating on marketing... well expect a big budget, you can't advertise your house on the likes of Zoopla and other portals as they are for agents only. You are far better off buying editorial spaces in newspapers and magazines where you can write about your property, that's really the only way you can get into the property section of local publications. Other methods to reach the online audience (which is 2nd behind high street shop for most agents) is forums and online ad sites like the friday ad. but good luck its not really the thing to do, you pay a commission for agents to sell your property as its a big job and that's forgetting the legal and negotiation aspects!

    Answered on May 17 2010, Report content
  • People should have the option, not being on zoopla or rightmove is a shame but there are portals out there where you can advertise your property for sale on a private basis, they are worth a shot and also invest £50.00 on a for sale sign board, but make sure you research and market you home for a more realistic figure, selling private will not mean you will be able to ask more, as far as the legals, then i am sure most people can make a notification of sale and pass them to the legal teams, you can save money selling private but there are agents out there now that offer low commission prices on completion so it is worth looking at that option first, they will have access to the main property portals and also will offer you from 0.5% on completion or a fixed fee of £395, i would rather make £395 on my sales and have a quick turn around than sit and advertise a property for years to make a couple of grand

    Answered on Mar 4 2011, Report content
  • Lots of free online web sites. Try Tepilo, its Sarah Beeney.

    Answered on Oct 3 2011, Report content
  • I would like to share something with the readers that, when you decide to put up a price for your home, you should also consider the fact that you have to hire an agent or a broker to do the job for you. I sold my house with the help of a broker and I had to pay 1-2% of the amount agreed as his fee. I was so tense at that moment as I had to buy another home from the same money. I went through the process but I didn't really get what I wanted. I didn't get the price of my liking because I had to pay to the agent. Recently, I went out with a friend of mine and he told me that he sold his home without paying any fee to the broker. I asked if he sold to a relative of his or something but no, he said he didn't even hire an agent. He told me that he sold his home through an online website. Some FSBO websites they are called I guess. I think that in order to save your money and to set the right price for your liking you should first be relaxed by keeping this thing in your mind that you don't have to pay anything to a broker. Now I don't mean any offense to the brokers, it's just that you can save your money in this way. That's my opinion. Just for a flat rate fee and without paying any commission you can sell your home. This seems a big deal to me. Also, you can also try the most easiest way of all, that is put up a "For Sale" sign in front of your home. But let me tell you what will happen. The moment you put up the sign, your phone will start ringing but how would you know that it is the actual buyer who has called. Actually, the real estate agents might try to hound you. Still, no offence to the brokers, estate agents or realtors. The choice is yours. Hope this info helps.

    Answered on Oct 11 2011, Report content
  • I want to sell my property - two shops one flat upstairs

    Answered on Sep 25 2015, Report content
  • Gumtree is the best option. You can control the viewing ect.

    Answered on Dec 9 2015, Report content
  • Hi, Only just seen this question, and it's easy to now sell your home without an estate agent. By Googling house buying companies, sell for cash, quick house sale, etc, it is easy to find many potential cash buying internet companies as well as local estate agents and media that private ads can be displayed in. As with everything, the level of reliability and service offered by the various companies that buy houses fast can vary dramatically. Some cash buying companies can offer you a sale completed within 14 days. I STRONGLY SUGGEST using a member from the organisation The National Association of Property Buyers. Hope that helps you and people seeking a similar answer. Jonathan :-)

    Web reference:

    Answered on Jan 12 2017, Report content

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