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My house has been on the market for over 4 years,

My house is in good order, looks attractive, good photos, etc but I have been on the market for 4 years now. My price is reasonable. What can I do to get it sold?

Asked on Aug 6 2015, Selling in Vale of Glamorgan, The | Report content

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  • Reduce the price? Have you had any viewings? What was the feedback? Have you done anything about it?

    Answered on Aug 7 2015, Report content
  • Hello Bealings48 - it seems as though it is time to sit down with your current estate agent and ask the exact same question. as you have on here!! There are many factors that can stop a house/ property selling. Look as close to home as you possibly can, be very, very honest with yourself and look at other houses that you are competing against. Perhaps it is also time to consider other routes to the market, auctions, sealed bids, online agencies, private sale. BUT do make sure you sit your agent down and ask the question.

    Answered on Aug 10 2015, Report content
  • Quip - as I put in my original question the price is reasonable for the size and general good order of the property. I have had several viewings - in every case it was plain that the estate agent or the viewer had not looked at the listing properly - ie. garden too small, house too big etc. Or they had not yet sold their property. all other feedback regarding the house and garden was positive - nothing needed doing. Other point was that there is no bus service to the village - not something I could do anything about! I cannot reduce the house price further or I will not be able to move!!!

    Answered on Aug 10 2015, Report content
  • "I cannot reduce the house price further or I will not be able to move!!!" It seems you are starting from the price you want rather than the price someone will pay!

    Answered on Aug 10 2015, Report content
  • Thank you Steve. I saw my estate agent on Saturday and having spoken to her I now have a fair idea of the problem - ie. my estate agent. She gave me the most negative spiel I have heard for ages about how my village had no amenities - No amenities!!! we have a village hall with activities day and night, a village pub with events on regularly, two school buses serving the village, a lively community council, a childrens play area etc etc. Turns out her idea of amenities is a daily bus service. If that is what she says to all prospective viewers no wonder we dont get any. Yes I am looking into online agencies for next year.

    Answered on Aug 10 2015, Report content
  • Our house has been on the market for 7 years, consider yourself lucky! we have reduced the price to a 1/4 of it's starting value, we have maybe 3 viewers per year, we live in a beautiful part of County Down, NI, but due to lax planning people tend to choose to build a new house, instead of buy existing housing stock! for many years 100 homes come up when you typed in the name of our village, now it is 55, I have to concentrate on living for today not resenting the fact that I cannot get on with the plans I had for my life!

    Answered on Aug 28 2015, Report content

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