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Are online estate agents any good?

Which is regarded as the best online estate agent with the best internet coverage?

Asked on Mar 24 2011, Selling in Otley | Report content

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  • They can be but like a traditional agent, you should spend a little time to look around and find the right one.

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • You'd be mad to use an online agent. A good local agent can not only promote your area but will have loads of buyers attracted by other stock in the area to whom he/she can show your property. Most people do not buy the property about which they enquired! So any sole reliance on a direct internet sale is about as likely as peace in the middle east. And with agency fees in the UK being the lowest in the world by a long chalk, what would be the point of some perceived saving in any event. Definitely get what you pay for here!! Good luck.

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • Sorry, I have to disagree. From experience (High Street estate agent for 5 years and sourcing agent for 10 years) you can find as good if not a better service online, dependent on the agents. An online agent provides nationwide access to your property, opening up a larger market. Fees are always negotiable online or other so again it comes to each individual.

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • All local agents are online anyway and any who claim that an online agency expands the marketing is missing the point. eg it could be claimed that by being on the web at all the property is within reach of billions of people. So what? Only those specifically looking for my type of property in my area are of any interest. Then I need a good agent to swing people onto my property who might otherwise not have viewed.

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • I think a local presence is key to getting a quick turn around when it comes to selling/letting a property. During pre-launch we were marketing some properties for a new landlord, however, we did not have an office open in the area so relied completely on Rightmove. We lost out on both of these properties to competitors because they had a local presence and had people walking in to their shop making enquiries. We keep a very close eye on our enquiry sources, and it is quite clear that without the office presence and people walking in to speak with us, we would most likely not have been successful in providing our clients with a quick let to quality applicants. I appreciate that you are asking about sales but I feel that this applies to both sales and lettings. Also, local market knowledge is key when trying to sell or let properties in this difficult market.

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • Like traditional estate agents, some are good and some are not so good. It depends on what it is you want and how much of your own time you want to spend letting or selling your property. One thing online agents do not normally do is viewings, however some do so make sure you understand what is on offer for what you pay. Generally using an online agent will mean a large saving because online agents do not normally have a shop window. I think it is well known that the vast majority of those looking for property search on internet property portals.

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • Actually 'All' local agents are not online, I know of several in my home town who do not have a presence online. So essentially you are saying that people in town A would not look for a property in town B? Are you an estate agent?

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • I'm a tech adict, but chose to have a retail outlet too. Why? Ask yourself what proportion of costs rent and rates are of a proper estate agent? Our rent and rates are equivalent to the value of 2 Fully managed lets a year! what other costs do online agents save? BTW we've had 3 clients walk in this year already. The internet is great but cost/benefit analysis says (to me) retail presence works for good agents in good locations.

    Answered on Mar 25 2011, Report content
  • You could give us a go, we list on all of the top property portals and have a good track record of selling homes quickly

    Answered on Mar 28 2011, Report content
  • I don't see why an online estate agent can't be every bit as good as a high street estate agent. Why not try selling or renting privately? There are free sites you can use to create your own website and many free sites where you can advertise property, you would save even more then!

    Answered on Apr 7 2011, Report content
  • We offer the best of both worlds. We are an online agent based in Leeds and deal with the whole Leeds area and would be delighted to sell your property. We have sold property as far out as Huddersfield, offering strong advertising on websites as well as running a local mailing list. I take on board rrawling's comments about operating a patch, which is why at present we offer a local online estate agency service with a personal service you'd get from your high street agent.

    Answered on Jul 26 2011, Report content
  • I found this site very useful: as it helped me to look for the right online agent based on my needs. Totally recommend it.

    Web reference:

    Answered on Feb 6 2014, Report content
  • A good professional or company regardless is worth hanging onto. It doesn't really matter if they are High street or Online. What does matter is being able to measure what service best suits you when you sell your house. Naturally, the cost will figure into that. The problem I have with most high street agents is that most don't actually sell your house in the first few weeks. This is their prime time to sell and your best chance to get buyers. It's then common for the Agent to ask you to drop your price, and most of us do! The financial drop of let's say £5-10K is a lot, but for the Agent it's peanuts. Remember they are taking a percentage of your selling price, so it's actually easy for them to ask you to drop to make a quick sale. Once the 2 week period is over, the Agent moves onto their next client. As I haven't found any high street agents worth holding-on to, I've used these guys in the past, and they use established Agents who are motivated and have a good track record. The site is free and dead quick to use. You will be amazed how cheap they are without cutting corners.

    Web reference: http://High street Agents or Online?

    Answered on Feb 22 2014, Report content
  • Most online estate agents have similar internet coverage nowadays simply because Zoopla have merged with many of the smaller portals. There is a mis-conception that online estate agents do not offer a personal service, this is actually incorrect. Online estate agents are office based so have a lot more time to speak to clients and solve any problems that occur. Try getting hold of a high street negotiator, they are out of the office most of the day!

    Web reference:

    Answered on Oct 7 2014, Report content
  • Hi -Saw this thread whilst trying to do my own evaluation of online estate agents versus traditional high street. I invited 2x traditional EA to evaluate my flat and outline their services. I couldnt see ANY TANGIBLE reason why they wanted £2000 more than the online companies! In the end we used House Network (as recommended on mumsnet, thanks to everyone there) - they were brilliant!! Everything went really smoothly and after using House Network I can definitely say that theses guys only cared about giving good customer service - that meant being available and accurate, timely information to all parties concerned and no exaggeration or playing one offer against the other. Unfortunately I cant say the same about EITHER of the EA representing the 2 homes we were interested in buying. Both were much harder to contact (early finish, no sundays, long hold times) and one of the EA was definitely exaggerating offers as the other buyers were friends of friends - caught red handed! If anyone is trying to make the same decision we were 4 months ago I can whole-heartedly recommend them. We paid £800 for photos (they were better than both the traditional EA we tried first!), floorplan, EPC, marketing on rightmove etc, viewing arrangements and facilitated the offers stage - you can use this code for a 5% discount at HN :-) HQJKCZRIDA

    Answered on Jun 10 2015, Report content
  • I have nothing but praise for HouseNetwork. They do everything right. Pictures/Listing/keeping you up to date. They chase all viewers for feedback, they are all the good things an estate agent should be. It may not be for everyone - you have to do your own viewings which we didnt have a problem with but can understand if some people do. They won't drag unwilling viewers around like high street agents to make it look like you are getting interest. When looking to buy in the past high street agents have taken me to loads of places knowing it isnt suitable. I have never been able to figure out why paying 1 - 2% of the value of your property to an high street agent was ever a good idea - they never earn it! I got full asking price - if your worried about the online agent not knowing the value of your property then get a high street agent to value it beforehand. They will give you in most cases a high value to try and get you to sign up. In my case the high street agent undervalued - its not there fault - its a matter of what people are willing to pay. You will get less viewings with an online agent but they will be viewings from people genuinlly interested. No one gets put off from a property becasue of the estate agent. One critism I do have of house network is there sunday service - they must outsource there call centre on a sunday and probably late at night as they are 24/7. The outsource company arent really any good unless its a straightforward query.

    Answered on Dec 18 2015, Report content
  • I've sold my property and my dad's property through a new-looking company They're pretty good. I paid £99 for one and £199 for the other. Both properties were in London, one in Harrow, one in Finchley... so all in all, I saved about 14k worth of fees (expensive houses). They had a lovely agent come round, and they followed their branding of "old fashioned agents really fashionable price" - as he was cool, smart and valued it same as high street. I had with high street for 6 months, tied in, nothing. Here I wasn't tied in and sold in Sept within 1-2 months... and from what I've seen, they were the CHEAPEST agency of them all and top 10 on trustpilot (that's where I found them).... Loved it.

    Web reference:

    Answered on Feb 11 2017, Report content

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