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Reporting this answer: Hi, Unfortunately there is no black and white answer in this sort of situation as the decision will essentially lie with the landlord or letting agent individually, and it is entirely their choice who they choose to let their property to. Some will point blank refuse to work with people who are on a debt management plan, while others will be more open to discussion and taking time to review your other circumstances. What's important to note, though, is that there is certainly nothing legally stopping you from being able to rent in those circumstances. It all just boils down to the landlord's own thoughts on the matter. I would say if you are in a good job with a strong wage then your chances are definitely enhanced, particularly if you can afford to put a down payment for a number of months' rent in advance or a larger security deposit. Try to also, if you can, come prepared with things like a guarantor's note, if you have someone willing to take responsibility for your rent if you do not pay, and references from past landlords if you have rented in the past. These are the sort of things that give agents and owners peace of mind and will greatly improve your chances of being able to rent the property. Many thanks, Scott

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