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Reporting this answer: Hi Owen, Thanks for input. The feedback from the two viewings I've had so far was that there was nothing negative with the property and that potential buyers liked the house. The first ones decided to put an offer on a newer built property. I'm also concerned about the fact that 2 viewings over 4 weeks is rather poor and I've raised it with the agent to which they replied there is a lot of competition within the area and suggest that I perhaps reduce the price. Like I said earlier, this is a complicated situation following a breakdown of relationship and the ultimate decision is not mine to be made. I'm dealing with the aspect of selling on behalf of my fiancée and her ex partner. My understanding is that the agent is marketing on property portals, their own website/shopfront and in the local newspaper. Plus I tried to share everywhere I could (Facebook, Tweeter, Gumtree, etc). The price appear to be reasonable as I've had a number of conversations regarding various quotes we had previously as some of them were exaggerated and I knew they would not result in much interest. It is comparable to similar properties within the area (although its' significant advantage is the fact that the garden is on the front, back and side as it's a corner plot). Perhaps, I could share the link in private so that you could cast an eye? Like I said any feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks, Greg

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