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How to set up gas and electricity when you move house

Let's set up gas and electricity in your new place and see if you can find a better deal by switching.

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Words by: Ben Gallizzi

Senior Content Editor, Uswitch

When you're moving house, sorting out your gas and electricity might not be at the top of your checklist.

But remembering to do a little energy admin when you move house - and seeing if it's worth switching - will make sure you're not paying over the odds.

The good news is that these tasks are easier to check off your list than you might think.

Here's our list of all the things you need to do when you move house to set up your gas and electricity bills.

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Before you move house

How to notify your energy supplier when moving house

Contact your current energy supplier and let them know you're moving house. You can notify them well in advance, but it must be at least 48 hours before you move.

Check if your current plan has an early exit fee, as you might be charged for ending a plan early. However, some suppliers waive this fee in the case of a house move.

Your current supplier may ask if you want to set up with them at your new property - you don’t have to decide right then.

You’ll want to compare the best energy deals for your new property before making up your mind. But hang on, there are a few more steps to do first!

While you're speaking to your supplier, arrange for them to send your final bill to your new address.

Find out who supplies the gas and electricity at your new home

In an ideal world, the estate agent or previous owner will tell you who supplies gas and electricity at your new home.

But it doesn't always happen that way. So if you can't get this info from them for whatever reason, don't worry.

You can still find out who your new energy supplier is.

Finding your gas supplier

Find your gas supplier through the gas supplier online service, which can also provide you with your gas meter number.

Alternatively, you can call the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 to find your gas supplier.

(Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.)

Finding your electricity supplier

To find out who supplies your electricity, you can call your area electricity distribution number.

Find your region's electricity distribution number on my original post for Uswitch.

On moving day

Moving day can be pretty hectic, but don’t forget to take care of a few gas and electricity details in between loading your boxes.

The main thing is to take final meter readings on your last day in your home.

It'll make sure your bill is accurate and you don't pay for any usage that wasn't yours.

Keep the meter readings for your own records and to compare against the final bill you receive.

When you get a minute, inform your supplier of this reading. You might be able to upload it to their app if they have one, or just give them a quick call.

One final job is to let the new owners know who the supplier is, if you haven't already. You can always leave them a note.

Once you're in your new home

Now that you've moved in, you're so close to having your gas and electricity sorted.

Here are the final few energy-related jobs to tick off:

  • Take a meter reading at your new home as soon as possible to make sure your first bill is accurate

  • Contact the supplier of your new home to inform them of your move and to provide your readings. This will mean you're not held accountable for any usage from the previous owners

  • Be aware that you're responsible for any usage from when you take over the property, not just from your physical move-in date

  • Your new supplier will usually put you on its standard variable tariff to start with - this is often the most expensive tariff it offers

  • Now that you have the details you need, such as your new postcode, supplier name and plan name, you can look for the best deal on your gas and electricity by running an energy comparison.

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