Speculation is mounting about whether David and Victoria Beckham are going to permanently settle in the US. 

We’re not too bothered if they do or don’t, but we’re more excited about the fact that this may mean another impressive celebrity pad may be coming to the market in the not too distant future.

It’s rumoured that David & Victoria have had their 24 acre estate, commonly known as Beckingham Palace (officially named Rowneybury House, Harlow Road, Sawbridgeworth CM21 0AJ), valued ahead of a possible sale. According to our figures the average property value for Harlow Road is £408,922, which is higher than the average property value for CM21 which stands at £282,275.

We believe the couple bought the property for £2.5m in 1999 and a current figure of £18m is being suggested as a possible valuation for the property (a 620% increase!), despite the fact that they are also rumoured to have spent in excess of £18m on the refurbishment and updating of the property, which was originally an orphanage. We wonder what the asking price - if it makes it to the open market - would be for Rowneybury House?

Rowneybury House is an impressive Grade II listed, has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, petting zoo (yes, seriously), recording studio, a snooker room, a gym, heli-pad and floodlit tennis courts.

The garden has had three £10,000 gazebos installed, each with a different theme apparently – lakeside, romantic and ornamental. They have also installed a 52ft garden pavilion with a marble floor, which houses a 4ft barbecue that reportedly cost a staggering £70,000.

With all that money being spent on the property you’d have thought they’d have spent a little on the gates and entrance to the property. Here’s Rowneybury House’s not so impressive entrance below on Zoopla.co.uk. Maybe gates we’re not in place when Google did their fly by drive?

Street view Beckingham Palace

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