Short on space? These foldaway rooms could be the ideal way to make the most of the square footage that you do have.

No room at home to work? No room for a kitchen? No room for Great Aunt Ethel to stay?

No problem, thanks to the slightly odd, very Japanese and super space efficient creations of Architect Toshihiko Suzuki and his ‘Architectural Furniture’.

Architectural Furniture

His three designs, a foldaway office, kitchen and guest room offer a neat solution to limited space, or as the website suggests in charming Engrish: “We positions the infill as an immediate adaptive method to fit changes”. But of course. Confused? Watch the video:

And before you start lamenting that this is just one more in a long line of design prototypes, all nice and shiny on screen but sadly absent in the real world… Stop. Right. Now.

Because the Foldaway Office is on Amazon, you lucky people! Although it is only available in Japan, it’s 800,000 Yen, and the translatorbot seems to think it’s a collapsed frog…

Foldaway furniture on

Student landlords take note – buy a brace of these and you could increase your student-per-room ratio tenfold!

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