For film fanatics, it doesn't get any better than buying a property that has featured on the big screen. Such iconic houses are few and far between, but occasionally they do crop up.

Four bedroom detached house in Montecito, California, USA, for £22,502,250 ($35,000,000)

Say hello to the luxurious estate known as El Fureidis, which featured in the 1983 mob film, Scarface. While the film was set in Miami, the house actually sits on the coast of California and has views out across the Pacific Ocean. This location was far more convenient for the cast and crew as they were able to shuttle back and forth from Hollywood.

Although the films famous end scene was shot on a set, the house and gardens were used for all of the exterior shots in the film, including the wedding scene between Al Pacino and Michelle Pfieffer's characters.

There is no shortage of prestige with this property, as other notable names that have visited or owned the house include Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Charles Chaplin, and John F. Kennedy.

The estate was founded in 1906 by James Waldron Gillespie and was designed by renowned architect Bertram Goodhue. The design of the property is largely inspired by Gillespie’s travels to Europe and India.

Recently the 10,000 sq ft house had a multi-million dollar renovation which has seen the second floor reconfigured with three guest suites as well as the modern addition of under floor heating.

The original features of the property have been carefully preserved, with the central feature being a Byzantine-style alcove with an 18-foot-high central dome that is decorated with a hand painted floral, gold and blue design in 24k gold-leaf, which is located in the conversation room.

Outside there is 10 acres of grounds which have been masterfully landscaped and include several terraces and pools. The gardens are a combination of Mediterranean and Persian designs and some of the trees are more than 100 years old.

With such an exciting history, the next owner of El Fureidis will be buying far more than a lavish home.

Available via Mayfair International Realty 

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